4 times you need a telepathic connection

Have you ever wished that you could have a telepathic conversation with someone — a conversation that takes place through your thoughts? You wouldn’t have to worry about figuring out what to say, finding a convenient time to talk or even convincing someone to talk to you in the first place. You would simply be able to close your eyes, think about what you want to say to someone and know that they got the message. Well, there’s good news because you can have a telepathic conversation with someone. In fact, we have telepathic conversations with others all the time — we just don’t realize that we’re doing it. (If you’ve ever been thinking something and then someone in the room with you voices what you were thinking, you’ve just had the experience of transmitting information telepathically.)

Not sure if telepathic communication would benefit you? Here are 4 scenarios in which a telepathic connection would be very helpful.

You could use telepathy to get someone to call you.

Have you ever wanted someone to call you? Maybe you’ve met someone you believe to be special but you’re not sure if they know that you want them to call. With the ability to communicate telepathically, you can let them know that you want them to call, and they may feel more comfortable doing so.

You could use telepathy to apologize to a family member, friend, or ex-lover.

Have you ever regretted the words you said to someone you loved? Did you ever do something to hurt the relationship you have with a loved one? Maybe that person won’t talk to you anymore so you can’t apologize. You can apologize telepathically. You can use your thoughts to let the person know that you’re sorry for what you did and that you’re open to communicating with them again.

You could use telepathy to smooth things over with your boss.

If you have a shaky relationship with your boss, you could use a telepathic conversation to get to know him or her better and perhaps defuse a tense situation. You could let your boss know telepathically that you’re looking for a more effective way to work with him or her and you want to create a successful working environment.

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You could use telepathy to communicate with someone who has died

Have you ever lost a loved one before you could tell them “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” or some other important message? You can use telepathy to communicate with others who are living and those who have passed away. When our loved ones die they’re still with us, only they’re in a different dimension. If we have strong telepathic skills, we can not only talk to them but we can sometimes hear what they’re saying to us, as well.

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