The gift of clairalience: Interpreting psychic smells

We all know what it’s like to  walk into a room and feel over-powered by a particular scent. Or what it’s like to feel comforted by the aroma of a favorite home-cooked meal or the scent of a loved one’s perfume or cologne. But some people have a psychic ability that lets them experience scents and aromas that others don’t smell.

For example, I know someone who often smells cigarette smoke, even when nobody is smoking nearby. This person constantly wondered why she would smell cigarette smoke, and she would often ask those around her if they smelled it only to be told that she was the only one having that particular experience.

It wasn’t until she learned about clairalience, the psychic sense of smell, that the cigarette smoke began to make sense to her. People who have the gift of clairalience can smell things that others can’t. And the smells they perceive contain psychic information for them. (For more information, check out Clairalience: The Psychic Sense of Smell).

The person I know who smelled cigarette smoke associated the smell of cigarette smoke with her mother who had crossed over to the other side. She believes that whenever her mother is nearby she smells the scent of cigarette smoke; it is a way for her to acknowledge her mother’s presence. Others might smell a loved one’s perfume or favorite flower and get the sense that the loved one is around. (Related story: How to strengthen your skills as a medium)

Interpreting psychic smells

Some people don’t associate smells with particular people, but rather with particular situations. For example, there have been cases of people who say they smell the emotions of others. One might notice a particular scent when someone is angry, and another scent when one is calm and yet another scent when one is happy. In this case it’s up to the person with the psychic ability to figure out how to interpret the messages they are getting with their sense of scent.

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There are others who say that they can sense the energy or the vibes of someone else through the sense of smell. For example, when they come across a person giving off good vibes, they experience a pleasant scent, while when they come across a person giving off bad vibes, the odor is not enjoyable. Again, these scents and aromas you’re picking up are unique to you. If others smell the same thing, then chances are the odor is literal and not psychic.

If you have the gift of clairalience, you can strengthen it by paying attention to it and using it. The more you notice what you smell and when you smell it, the more you’ll understand how your particular ability works. If you glean information and then act upon it, your psychic ability will naturally get even stronger. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.