Using a dream pillow to chase away nightmares

The time that we spend asleep should be pleasant. We all need sleep to rejuvenate our bodies and souls and to stay healthy. However, when our dreams are plagued by nightmares, we often experience anxiety just thinking about closing our eyes at night.

Who wants to wake up in a cold sweat, with their heart pounding in the middle of the night? While it’s normal to have a nightmare every so often, such as after you’ve watched a scary movie, a recurring nightmare can be downright debilitating.

So what can you do if you find yourself having nightmares with regularity or if you have a child who is afraid of the Bogey Man? A metaphysical solution could be the use of a dream pillow. Our sense of smell is very powerful, and dream pillows take advantage of that power. Dream pillows contain flowers and herbs that give off scents that you inhale while you sleep. Different flowers and herbs — and sometimes stones — are believed to have magical qualities that can bring about different results. Those magical properties seep into your subconscious and work their magic over time while you are sleeping.

For example, one dream pillow might be created to enhance your psychic dreaming abilities so you more easily gain insight about a current situation that is troubling you. Another dream pillow might be used to stimulate your creativity while you sleep if you are working on an artistic endeavor.

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The Natural Magick Shop, a metaphysical marketplace, has a number of different dream pillows that are designed to bring about different results. One such pillow is designed to quell nightmares.

The Bogey Bye-Bye Pillow contains lavender flowers, which the Natural Magick Shop says can help close the third eye and minimize dreaming. Think about it. When your dreams are out of control and you’re constantly having nightmares, you may want to ease up on the dreaming activity for a while to catch your breath.

Another element inside of the dream pillow is meant to remove any negativity. The Bogey Bye-Bye Pillow contains a Citrine Stone, which the shop says “clears negative and harmful vibrations from a vicinity.” As long as the pillow contains a scent, it is believed to be working its magic. Dream pillows typically last about four to six months. You can learn more about the Bogey Bye-Bye Pillow by clicking here.

While you’re using the dream pillow, make sure you keep a dream journal so you can monitor how your dreaming activity changes over time. Journaling may also help you to gain insight into why you started having the nightmares in the first place. A dream dictionary may also be helpful. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.