The One Thing You Should Know About a Potential Lover’s Natal Chart

While there are books galore about which sun signs are most compatible, I would argue that there is another key astrological insight you should get about a potential love interest or romantic partner. Sure it’s cool to know if they are a Taurus or a Libra, but what I’m most interested in is what their moon sign is and how compatible that moon sign is with mine.

What is a moon sign

In order to understand the important role a moon sign can play in your relationship, you need to understand what a moon sign is in the first place. If you know anything about moon astrology, you likely know that the moon takes roughly 28 days to go through each sign of the zodiac, spending about 2 1/2 days in each sign. Your moon sign is the sign that the moon was in at the moment you were born. You can learn more about moon signs here.

In order to calculate your moon sign, you must know the time you were born, as well as the city in which you were born. You can calculate your moon sign at a number of sites on the Internet including Cafe Astrology and

Why is the moon sign so important? The moon sign tells us about our emotional makeup. It tells us what makes us tick emotionally and gives us insight into what makes us feel emotionally safe.

For example, someone with a Virgo moon might crave stability and practicality and sensibility in order to feel emotionally safe since those are qualities that are all associated with Virgo. On the other hand, someone with a moon in Cancer might need a lot of constant nurturing in order to feel emotionally safe since Cancers are big on expressing their love.

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Once you know your own moon sign, you’ll have an idea of what type of environment you need to be in to be emotionally fulfilled and to feel safe enough to be vulnerable. However, when it comes to love, there’s one more thing you want to know.

What your partner’s moon sign can tell you

In order for a relationship to really work, both people have to trust one another and feel emotionally safe. So it stands to reason that it makes sense to have a partner who has a moon sign that is compatible with yours. If the moons are not compatible, the two of you may not be emotionally compatible.

Say you have a Taurus moon. That would mean that there’s a good chance that you like routine and security and staying close to home. You probably feel most comfortable when you know what to expect and you have an affinity for comfort.

If you meet a potential love interest and find out this person’s moon is a Sagittarius, that might pose a problem for you since someone with a Sagittarius moon is likely to crave adventure and want to venture far from home. A person with a Sagittarius moon might also like to be impulsive, another quality that likely isn’t appealing to a person with a Taurus moon.

Again, to find out what your romantic interest’s moon sign is you’ll need them to give you their time and place of birth so you an calculate the answer.

Should you tell your romantic interest what you’re doing and why you want to know their moon sign? It depends on how open they are to astrology. But being able to see if the two of you have common ground when it comes to your moon signs can help you determine whether a particular relationship has the emotional fortitude to go the distance. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.