Will Taking Your Crystals to Work Leave You Branded the Office Witch?

When you understand how crystals can influence everything from your mood to your luck, it makes sense that you would want to keep them with you as much as possible. But should you take them to work?

Of course there are plenty of reasons why you would want to:
A crystal like carnelian can boost your energy.
A crystal like black tourmaline can absorb some of the negative energy in your workplace.
A crystal like citrine can boost your earning power, possibly inspiring a promotion.

But then there are some reasons why bringing your crystals to work could be a bad idea:

  • You could be viewed as someone too outside of the norm, hurting your chances of getting a promotion.
  • You could become the subject of office gossip.
  • You could be misunderstood. There are a lot of myths around metaphysical tools and rituals with some people even suggesting that they are Satanic.
  • The crystals could cause a close-minded co-worker to feel uncomfortable working with you. That could impact your ability to work effectively in a team or build important workplace alliances.

There is a reason why a lot of people choose to keep their metaphysical leanings to themselves. Spiritual discrimination is real.

I remember once mentioning at work that I had a friend who was a pagan, and I was told to make sure I never shared that information with a company client because I’d surely freak them out. (That actually was the day that I started looking for an exit strategy from that job, but everyone may not have the option of walking away from an employer.)

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Assessing the risk

I would never tell someone to keep their crystals home if they wanted to bring them to work. Be authentic; embrace your power; incorporate your magic.

However, you may want to keep your crystals out of sight depending upon the specifics of your workspace.

So what should you consider before taking your crystals to work? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

How conservative is your company? The more progressive your company, the more open your employer and co-workers will likely be to your crystals.

Do other people have items in their offices or on their desks that are personal in nature or that shed insight into their personal lives? If people decorate their workspace, why shouldn’t you decorate yours with crystals?

Is your office space private or is it a cubicle in the middle of the floor within eyesight of everybody? If your office is relatively private and you can put your crystal on a shelf where it won’t attract much attention, go for it. But if you’re in a cube where everyone eyes your workspace when they walk by, you may want to think of a way to store your crystals in an unobtrusive way.

Introducing your crystals to your workspace

If you’re planning to bring your crystals into the workspace, don’t set all of your biggest crystals on your desk at once. Build up slowly and let people get used to the changes you’re making in the workplace.

If you don’t think your office would welcome huge crystals sitting on your desk, try wearing your crystals in the form of crystal jewlery. A hematite bracelet, for example, might simply be perceived by co-workers as a fashionable accessory with them not realizing it can help to soothe and ground you.

Of course, if your company has a dress code that doens’t allow jewelry, then you need to find another option. At the very least, you can carry a crystal in your pocket. You’ll get the benefit of experiencing the crystal’s energy with no one being the wiser.

If you do want to bring some of your larger crystals into your workspace, do it slowly. See how people respond. Who gravitates to your crystals? Who asks you about them? Does anyone’s behavior around you change? If so, maybe it makes sense to put your crystal in a desk drawer rather than sitting it on top of the desk. If your office is really open, you may even consider using feng shui to inform where you place your crystal. For example, if you want to bring into your office a crystal that will help you build wealth, consider placing it in the wealth area of your workspace, which is the far left-hand corner of your workspace.

There are likely other crystal lovers in your workplace. When you bring your crystals to work that could spark a conversation between you and those who share your love for crystals, which could in turn spark new professional alliances.

How much about your beliefs about crystals do you share? Is your co-worker really going to understand that you use crystals to lift your vibration or to bring healing to your sacral chakra? Will someone give you the side eye if you mention you’re using a crystal to remove negative energy? Only you can gauge how receptive your co-workers are likely to be to your beliefs. If some simply think you like crystals beause they’re pretty, there’s no harm in letting them continue to think that.

If you do bring crystals to work, don’t let people touch them if you can help it. When people hold your crystals their energy is absorbed. Try to avoid that as much as possible. Also, make sure you cleanse your work crystals regularly so negative energy is eliminated. If your workplace is particularly toxic, clean your crystals more often.

You may want to cleanse your crystals at home. If not, use a method that is low-key and unlikley to attract attention. Don’t smudge or bring fire or smoke into the workplace. Setting an intention to cleanse and charge the crystal may be your best bet if you have to cleanse the crystals while in the office.

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