5 tips for using your intuition for holiday shopping

Your psychic ability is a gift. We all have it, and we’re meant to benefit from it, which is why it’s a good idea to work your psychic muscles whenever you can. The holiday shopping season is no exception. Have you ever been stumped about what to buy someone? Your intuition can help you to determine the perfect¬†present for each person on your holiday shopping list. Not sure how to use your psychic ability to help you play Santa Claus? Here are some suggestions.

Feel your way through the stores.
Your intuition works best when you give it time to do its thing. If you wait until the last minute to do your shopping, you’ll be stressed and anxious and likely to pick up the first thing you can find. Instead, start early and peruse the stores without worrying about whether you will find the right gift today or tomorrow. Patiently walk through the mall and pay attention to urges to go in particular stores or down certain aisles. Purposely avoid creating a plan so that your intuition can steer the car. You can be content to follow.

Look for items of beauty. One of the ways intuition works is by making certain things stand out to us. Often items will appear more beautiful than other things around them. An item may seem shinier, more colorful or just catch your eye. When something catches your eye, there’s a reason. Don’t just shrug it off; tune in to see if your spirit is trying to tell you that this item is a keeper.

Meditate on a particular gift recipient. If someone is particularly difficult to shop for, take your quest to your subconscious. Go into meditation with the person on your mind and see what images come up. A similar exercise is to ask for guidance in shopping for this person before going to sleep. You may awaken with the perfect gift idea in mind that will have your higher self’s stamp of approval.

Act on synchronicity. As you are shopping, look for instances in which items come up multiple times. For example, someone might mention a book and then you might see that same book an hour later and then you may hear an advertisement for the book on the radio. Situations like that are often signs that your higher self is trying to get your attention. That might just be the gift you were looking for.

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Act immediately. When you are living intuitively, you must be willing to be spontaneous. If you feel the urge to buy a certain gift, but decide you’ll think about it and come back later, you’re taking intuition out of the equation and relying instead on logic. If you do this, don’t be surprised if when you go back to the store the gift is no longer there.

There is nothing in life that we can’t use our intuition for. In fact, we give ourselves an edge in all things when we allow our natural psychic ability to lend a hand.

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