Did Sylvia Browne die of a broken heart?

I was surprised and saddened this week to hear of the death of Sylvia Browne. Known for her many appearances on the Montel Williams show, Sylvia Browne was a celebrity psychic who often gave her impressions about crimes and other unsolved mysteries. She has also written a number of books including Past Lives of the Rich and Famous, Contacting Your Spirit Guide, and Visits from the Afterlife: The Truth About Hauntings, Spirits, and Reunions with Lost Loved Ones. I’ve seen her in person before where she called people up from the audience and gave them messages from their loved ones who had crossed over to the other side.
While I never counted Sylvia Browne among my favorite psychics and spiritual teachers, she did a lot to publicize intuition and the power of spiritual development. Many people got their first exposure to psychics through Sylvia Browne, and some of them were likely inspired to visit a psychic who may have offered the guidance and advice they needed to get through a tough spot. When I heard that Sylvia Browne had passed away, I couldn’t help but think about the controversy that surrounded her earlier this year when three women were rescued from a kidnapper in Cleveland, Ohio.

Back in March, we were all captivated by the rescue of Amanda Berry, Georgina “Gina” DeJesus, and Michelle Knight after they had been held captive by Ariel Castro for a decade. So how does Sylvia Browne fit into all of this? Years earlier, Sylvia Browne had been on The Montel Williams Show along with Louwana Miller, the mother of Amanda Berry. Browne told Miller on the show that Amanda Berry was not alive. Miller died a couple of years later, never knowing that her daughter was indeed alive and being held captive.

No psychic is right 100 percent of the time for a  number of reasons. But that didn’t stop the critics from coming out of the woodwork earlier this year to trash Sylvia Browne for the mistake she had made. Sylvia Browne also responded to the controversy at the time, saying: “For more than 50 years as a spiritual psychic and guide, when called upon to either help authorities with missing person cases or to help families with questions about their loved ones, I have been more right than wrong. If ever there was a time to be grateful and relieved for being mistaken, this is that time.”

The mainstream media failed to publish the fact that Amanda Berry’s cousin reached out to Sylvia to let her know that she had been right about the description of the perpetrators.

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The criticism that Sylvia experienced had to bother her, and perhaps she felt some guilt for giving Miller the wrong message all those years ago (though I don’t believe she had anything to be sorry for). It is not unusual for people to be so devastated by a mistake they made in life that they give up. Think Joe Paterno.

Sylvia Browne saw what she saw. Who’s not to say that at the moment that Sylvia did that reading, Amanda Berry’s spirit or lifeforce was so weak that she seemed to be dead. Who’s not to say that Amanda Berry hadn’t given up at that moment and resigned herself to death and later changed her mind? Psychic readings can never be 100 percent guaranteed because we all have free will and we can change our futures at any time. A psychic reading is simply a glimpse into a single moment and a prediction that assumes that everything will stay on the track it is currently on.

Whether you were a fan of Sylvia Browne’s or not, her work will live on and it will educate people about life on the other side. Thanks to her work, we know that she is ok.

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