Were you someone famous in a past life?

columbus-gsFace it,  we’re all looking for a little excitement. So when people start to explore the idea of past lives, it’s not unusual for them to wonder if their past lives may have been a little more, shall we say, interesting, than their current lives. You may even wonder if you were someone famous in a past life or if one of the larger-than-life characters you read about in a history book may, in fact, have been you! If the idea of having been Napoleon or Cleopatra in a past life is exciting to you, then you know what I mean. The reincarnation of famous people does occur.

(On a different note, you may have been infamous or hated in a past life. For example, someone had to be Hitler, right? Some have even speculated whether Donald Trump could be the reincarnation of Hitler.)

The truth of the matter is that most of us were never famous in a past life. More than likely we have lived several ‘ordinary’ lives that were packed with extraordinary lessons that have helped us to evolve and become the people that we are today. For example, in a past life we may have experienced much hardship and as a result learned to have patience, determination and perseverance — lessons that have proven helpful in the present day.

While that might sound disappointing to some, it shouldn’t be. Exploring a past life can help you to solve your current-day challenges. For example, if you have a hard time committing in a relationship, it could stem from a romantic heartache from a past life that you never got over. Whether you were famous in a past life or not, you may be able to greatly improve your current circumstances just by having a better understanding of past life lessons.

Signs you were famous in a past life

But there are people who have in fact experienced past lives in which they were well-known or famous. How can you tell if you were one of them? There are signs you might want to look out for that could indicate that you were famous in a past life.

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If you feel particularly drawn to a particular historical figure it could indicate that you have a past life connection to that person. A strong attraction to a historical figure could also mean that you interacted with that person in a  past life. They could have been a friend, a lover, a family member or even an enemy.

If you’re hearing about something that happened in history for the first time but you know the outcome before you finish learning about it, you could be remembering your first-hand experience during a past life.

If you have a longing to visit a historic location, it could be because you are sensing that you have roots there. For example, I know someone who felt drawn to Salem, Massachusetts, and they later did a past life reading only to find out that they lived during and were affected by the Salem Witch Trials.

If you visit a historic location and experience a sense of deja vu, it could indicate that you experienced a lifetime in this place during that historic time.

If you dream about a historic figure, particularly if the dream is recurring, your subconscious may be trying to alert you to a past life.

A past life reading with a psychic can give you some insight into your past lives. You might also learn more about past lives by reading Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss.

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