What a pet psychic can tell you

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a pet psychic? Or have you ever considered taking your beloved pet to a pet psychic? Danielle MacKinnon, a pet psychic based in Andover, Massachusetts shared what her day to day is like and how she decided to become  a pet psychic in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

She first realized she was meant to be a pet psychic after another pet psychic told her why her dog was sick. The dog wasn’t so much sick as she was upset, and when the psychic told her why the dog was upset and she realized the psychic was right, Danielle knew she had found her dream job.

She was in the corporate world at the time, having pursued her MBA, and she decided to become a pet psychic part-time to build her business during nights and weekends. Eventually, she intuitively knew that it was time for her to spread her wings and become a pet psychic full-time.

Eventually she began teaching others how to communicate telepathically with pets.

Animals can communicate with people in a number of different ways, she says. Sometimes people will get pictures in their mind. Sometimes they’ll think of short phrases, such as ‘belly hurts.’ Other times, one who is psychically in tune with animals will simply take on the animal’s emotion, she says. For example, if you suddenly feel anxious and there is no logical reason for it, you may be picking up on the anxiety of your dog or cat.

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She says typically in pet-human relationships, our pets are here to teach us something. For that reason, it may be helpful to strengthen your intuitive connection with your pet so that the lessons can be received.

Ever wondered if animals can communicate with those on the other side? According to Danielle, the answer is yes. In fact, often in a multiple pet household, when one pet dies, another may continue to communicate with it after death. In some cases, pet parents may even notice that the living pet will take on some of the actions that the pet who passed away used to do. For example, your dog who passed away may have had a habit of howling at the moon. Don’t be surprised if your other dog, who never howled, suddenly starts howling after the first pet has passed away.

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