Why you must follow the feel-good

So often people puzzle over finding their purpose and figuring out what they are meant to do in life. But the answer is really quite simple, particularly when you get your intuition involved. Your intuition will always lead you to whatever is in your heart. And that will feel good. Always.

When I say feel good that doesn’t necessarily mean in a hedonistic sense. And it won’t be a fleeting feel-good. For example, you can go to a bakery and eat a dozen donuts and it will feel good — for the moment. But the physical pain you may feel in your belly an hour later, or the way you feel when you step on the scale will show you that that feel-good didn’t last.

Another example is if you think spending all your money on a piece of jewelry you like or an article of clothing will make you feel good. Again, if the spending causes you stress later, that wasn’t your intuition speaking.

Instead you’ll feel better about the little choices you make. The times you say ‘no’ to an invitation because you felt like being still at home. The times you shut everything down and read a book or watched a movie that stimulated your thoughts. The more you make little decisions that make you feel good the closer you will be to living a life on purpose.

There’s really nothing to think about. It’s all about the feel-good. When I do this I feel good. Let me do this some more. When I do that, I don’t feel so good. Next time that comes along I will pass.

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And I know that some people may not like the fact that I’m following the feel-good. They may call me selfish and ask me why I’m not considering their feelings.

But the most feel-good thing that I can do is let them know that my feel-good has nothing to do with them. Absolutely nothing. In fact, that might be the problem because before I started following the feel-good, I made most of my decisions based upon what others wanted me to do.

I guess they’d better start depending on themselves for their feel-good.

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