What are soul fragments?

soul fragmentsMany people talk about having an ‘empty feeling,’ or feeling incomplete. Well according to many metaphysicians and spiritual teachers, that feeling may exist because you literally are incomplete, in a sense. What you could be describing is the phenomenon of soul fragments, which literally means that pieces of your soul are not with your physical body.

We are energetic beings. Have you ever described someone as having ‘good energy’? Or maybe you felt like someone gave you bad vibes – when they were around, you found yourself feeling uncomfortable. In both of those cases, you are sensing the energy field of another person.

So how do fragments of energy escape us? There are a number of ways. Sometimes we undergo a trauma or painful event and we lose a part of ourselves to the experience.

Some people lose parts of their soul when they enter a relationship. They may literally give some of their energy to another person – and fail to take it back. (Have you ever heard someone say ‘I lost myself in a relationship?’) Many people wrongly believe that they are craving a particular relationship to make them feel whole, when in reality, it is the fragments of their soul that they desire. It’s also important to note that you could be attached to a soul fragment belonging to someone else, such as an ex-lover. That’s why when you break up with someone, you want to pay attention to the energetic connections and make sure they are broken.

It’s not unheard of for mothers to leave a soul fragment with their children while they are carrying the child in the womb. The energetic bonds that exist between mother and child are very real.

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You can also leave soul fragments in physical places that you have spent time in, particularly if you have a very strong emotional connection to those places.

Some people believe that ghostly phenomena may very well be soul fragments. When a house is believed to be haunted and people report seeing an apparition float down the stairs at a certain time, they may really be seeing a soul fragment of a person that once lived there.

If you notice, I said that soul fragments can leave you feeling incomplete – in a sense. The truth is even when fragments of our souls are separated from us, we can always call them back to us. We are never really incomplete, but having soul fragments can give us the illusion that we’re missing something in our lives. A book that explains the process of soul retrieval and how we can use shamanic journeying to find and retrieve those fragmented pieces of our soul is Mending the Past and Healing the Future With Soul Retrieval.

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