What is a medical intuitive?

Professional psychics and those who make a living working with intuition are not all the same. Different people have different specialties sometimes by choice and other times by ability. Medical intuitives are those psychics who can tune into another’s aura and detect physical and emotional ailments.

A medical intuitive might be able to zero in on an underlying medical condition that is causing you distress. For example, if you’ve been suffering from fatigue, a medical intuitive might be able to detect low iron levels as the cause. Often, medical intuitives will detect an underlying health condition even before you experience symptoms.

Edgar Cayce was perhaps one of the most successful and well-known medical intuitives in history. People would travel from all over the country to visit with Edgar Cayce when they were trying to figure out how to heal their bodies. Cayce went on to share many of the healing remedies that he learned, many of which can be found in The Edgar Cayce Remedies.

Another medical intuitive that is well known is Carolyn Myss. Though she doesn’t do personal readings anymore, she has written a number of books about self-healing, including Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing and Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can. Much of her work centers around the concept that we have imbalances in our energy long before they manifest into our physical bodies. If you can identify your energetic imbalances, you can heal them before they transform into physical illnesses.

The Best Way to use  a Medical Intuitive

Unless they are also medical doctors, medical intuitives are not licensed to practice medicine. Therefore, if you visit with a medical intuitive and he or she points out a possible illness, visit a doctor to get a confirmation and begin treatment. Healing typically needs to take place on multiple levels; a medical intuitive can help you to work on the energetic causes of illness while a doctor can help you to work on curing the physical manifestations of the disease.

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Just as different types of medical specialists work together, consider a medical intuitive as just one part of your healthcare team. Don’t forgo the use of traditional medicine in favor. Use the advice of the medical intuitive, as well as that of the traditional healthcare provider to get the most holistic medical care.

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