Review: The Secrets of the Tarot

Secrets of the tarot review

As a longtime student of the Tarot, I can tell you there is always more to learn. Whether you are a Tarot newbie or you’ve been reading the cards for years, you can always benefit from hearing a new perspective on the cards and their meanings. 

For those looking for a different perspective or who are working to better familiarize themselves with the cards, The Secrets of the Tarot by Andrew Laycock is worth  picking up. The following Secrets of the Tarot review will tell you why.

The guidebook can be found on Amazon for only $2.99 cents and if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free.  

One of the best ways to learn how to read Tarot cards is to watch other people do readings. In doing so, you get to see their interpretations of different cards while learning the various spreads that they use. You also get to see how a card’s meaning often changes depending upon the cards around it or where the card falls in a particular spread. It’s also a good idea to practice by doing Tarot readings on yourself.

I stumbled across Laycock’s twitter account and loved his daily Tarot readings where he not only explains the reading but offers tips on understanding the Tarot too. It was enough to make me go to Amazon to download his book and give it a read.

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I was not disappointed. 

The Secrets of the Tarot takes you through the Major Arcana and the four suits of the Minor Arcana, giving a detailed  description of each card while also giving you a brief overview of the card’s meaning in relation to love, money and work. Why is this helpful? Ask any psychic and they will tell you that those are among the most common topics people have questions about when they are looking for answers.

You can read the book straight-through or you can use the book as a guide for your own readings, referring to the meanings of the cards that come up in your spreads. 

A do-it-yourself approach to tarot

In the intro, Laycock advises readers to use their intuition to read the cards and then check the book to see how their meanings and the book’s meanings compare. In no way does he suggest that the book should override one’s own interpretation. Rather, the book may add some insight and give you something to consider as you deepen your relationship with your own tarot deck.

Laycock’s descriptions of the cards are based on the Rider-Waite deck, so if you aren’t familiar with that deck or don’t like it, this book may not be for you. However, even though I use other decks frequently, I was able to benefit from Laycock’s descriptions and they gave me room for thought when conducting my own readings. 

I also like Laycock’s philosophy, when it comes to Tarot. He implores the reader to keep the cards in perspective and understand that they are designed to guide you, but you still have to take actions to move toward your goals and you still have to make your own decisions. 

 “A pack of tarot cards is yours to love, to cherish, to respect,” he writes. “They are there to guide you through your life, but they cannot live your life for you, nor should you live your life by them.”

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