What you can learn through the Akashic Records

There are very many ways that we use to explain happenings that we don’t understand in the universe. Some of our theories are scientific. Others are religious.

One metaphysical way to explain life  is through the Akashic Records. The records are not physical but energetic—an imprint of all thoughts and experiences that have ever occurred in time. These records are guided by one major principle, Akasha, which means love. Since all living beings are connected by love, we all contribute to the Akashic Records and can access them at any time. At this moment right now, you are contributing to the Akashic Records. And in all of your previous lifetimes, you’ve left your lessons in the Records for all to benefit from.

Through prayer, meditation and intuition, anybody can access their Akashic fields as well as that of any group they belong to. This way you can get information on the past, present and even the possible future.

If we learn the proper techniques of meditation and prayer, we can easily access the Akashic field with little trouble. A proper Akashic reading may involve an expert to help you receive desired information from the Akashic field. Getting an Akashic reading is of immense benefit to any living being for more reasons than one. They open us up to clear truth and show us that we are not separate from God. Instead, we understand His immense love and discover our incredible power to create our desired realities.

An Akashic reading opens you up to information regarding your soul. This way, you can get answers to any questions about your life. It could help you gather insight into your relationship, health and life in general. This is made possible by the plain fact that Akashic Records contain everything that has ever occurred in time and space. Anybody can get a reading as it is not foreign to any religious doctrine. In fact, since time immemorial, the Akashic Records have been referred to as a way of understanding different happenings. In the Bible, this is the word of God. Akashic records have often been called the cosmic mind or the eye of God. They are the ultimate giver of hope and understanding, of life and spirituality. Learn more about the Akashic Records by clicking here

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