Signs you might be under a love spell

Do you think it’s impossible for you to be under a love spell? Think again.

Do you have obsessive thoughts about someone in your life? Do you find yourself unable to concentrate because you’re thinking of this person? Sure, you may be in love. But there is another potential reason for your obsession. You could be under a love spell. If you’re surprised by your obsessive thoughts or you’re feeling overwhelmed by feelings you didn’t expect to have, a love spell may be to blame.

under a love spellLove spells might seem like something from a movie, but they can be very real and sometimes people aren’t even aware of the energy that they are putting out into the universe.  In other words, someone can cast a love spell on you without even being consciously aware.   Love spells are more common than you might think. If you ever consider attempting to put a love spell on someone else, think twice. These types of spells where you are, in a way, interfering with someone’s free will, have a way of not working out or backfiring.

It would be wise to keep in mind the threefold law (or rule of three as it otherwise known) which basically indicates that whatever you put out into the universe will be returned to you three times. However, you can use a love spell to set an intention for your own life! In fact, here’s where I’ve found a few interesting spells.

What does a love spell feel like?

If you suspect that you might be under the influence of a love spell here are some common signs to look out for:

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You are drawn to someone who is not your type.

We all have patterns and are attracted to certain types of people. If you find yourself being attracted someone who doesn’t fit your ideal person, you may be affected by a lovespell.

You have difficulty eating or sleeping.

Pay attention to changes to your daily habits. If thoughts of someone have you experiencing a change in eating or sleeping habits, pay attention.

They are the subject of every waking thought.

If your every conscious moment and every thought somehow relates back to the person, there may be something under the surface going on.

You find yourself saying their name a lot.

Are you talking about the person all the time? Do you just think of their name for no reason?

You constantly think of communicating with them.

Perhaps every time the phone rings you think you know that it is that person, even when it’s not. Also, you might think that whenever you hear the noise of a car going by, it is them, when, in fact, it is not.

You constantly dream about the person.

You may have unusually vivid dreams. (I once had a vivid dream about someone who I had no feelings for but who had feelings for me. I knew intuitively that this was more than a dream. This person was very interested in metaphysics and black magic and I believed that this person had literally found a way to enter my dream. I solved the problem through this psychic protection exercise using candle magic.)

You surprise yourself by trying to get their attention.

Sometimes the tables will suddenly turn and you will find yourself either suddenly emulating their behavior or trying to draw their attention to you.

What to do if you’re under a love spell

As you can see there are a lot of signs that you could be under a love spell. However, the most basic thing to look for is if you find yourself suddenly feeling or thinking about a person that you usually wouldn’t, and you know this person has strong feelings for you.  Or if you have known a person previously but very suddenly start to experience intense emotions for them. These are both  signs that someone may have you under their influence.

So what should you do?

Don’t panic.

The best thing to remember if you suspect that someone has cast a love spell on you is to remain calm.

Don’t confront them.

It is probably not wise to confront the person, in case they haven’t done it consciously. Don’t be like the stupid characters in the movies who confront the bad guys.

Re-route the energy.

One suggestion is to re-route the unwanted energy back into the earth. Visualize yourself in a protective bubble that deflects all unwanted energy from others — including the energy from the love spell. Visualize unwanted energy returning to sender or going into the earth.

Declare the love spell to be broken.

Intention is extremely powerful. Tell the Universe decisively that you will not be influenced by unwanted love spells.

Get professional help.

If you don’t feel comfortable dealing with love spells or their consequences consider consulting a psychic who could provide you with advice or even help you to better protect yourself. When you have a plumbing problem, you call a plumber. If you had trouble with your taxes, you’d hire an accountant. The same thing goes here. If you need help of a metaphysical nature, reach out to someone who knows how to help you.

When I have questions about something metaphysical, the first thing I do is I set the intuition that I be led to the person who will have the answers for me. And I’m open to the answers that I will get.

If you have friends who are interested in metaphysics and psychic ability, they may be able to recommend a psychic for you to go to. Ask them if they’ve had a particularly good reading and if they’d care to make a recommendation.

If you don’t know anyone to go to in person, you can try an online psychic. I personally like to either get a recommendation or see someone in action before I spend money on a reading.  Oranum lets you chat with a psychic for free so you can get a feel for whether you like the person’s energy before you decide whether you will go forward and pay for a reading.

The process is simple. All you have to do is join Oranum for free, and then you can see what psychic you feel drawn to. Trust your inner guidance. Does a particular psychic catch your eye? If so, your intuition is drawing you that way.

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Before any reading, I keep in mind a few tips.

  • You’ll get better results if you calm your mind and take a few deep breaths before your reading.
  • Set the intention to have a good experience and come away with the answers that your higher self wants you to have.
  • Be open to the experience. If you’re close-minded or skeptical, this probably isn’t for you and that’s ok! Find something that’s a better fit.
  • Have a pad of paper nearby so you can jot down notes. The psychic may tell you something that doesn’t make sense today but it may make sense tomorrow.

The psychic may be able to reassure you whether your concerns are just and may be able to give you more insight into the situation.

But consider this warning

Do not, and I repeat, do not listen to someone who wants you to pay money for them to break a spell. That’s one of the biggest psychic scams out there.

A reputable psychic will tell you how you can protect yourself during the initial reading. The psychic may suggest that you go into meditation and may even lead you on a guided meditation to cut any psychic cords between you and this person. You can also read about how to cut psychic cords here

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