Your Biggest Healthcare Advocate…

Nowhere is the power of intuition so evident as when you hear stories of people somehow ‘knowing’ they have some medical illness and getting treatment in time. Particularly when the marvels of medicine say everything’s ok.

Last week, my 92-year-old grandfather didn’t feel right, though he had just been to the doctor and been told that everything was ok. He wasn’t in pain, but “I just knew something was off,” he told me. He called my aunt and said he thought he should go to the hospital. Long story short, doctors told him that had he not come into the hospital he might not have been around to tell me that story.

About 11 years ago, Alice Soler had a clear mammogram, yet she had the feeling that something was wrong. So she told her doctor she wasn’t satisfied. Her doctor – who’s got to be commended for this – listened to her and ordered a sonogram. Turns out, Soler had breast cancer.

Today she’s a survivor and an advocate for others, but her willingness to listen to her own nagging feeling saved her life.

No matter how awe-inspiring the latest medical technology is, I don’t think it will ever be able to keep up with our bodies’ own inner knowing.

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