Your Tarot Cards Can Keep Your Life From Blowing Up. Here’s How.

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What’s the use of learning to use tarot cards if you’re not going to use them to figure out the complicated stuff that’s going on in your life? If your tarot cards are sitting in a corner collecting dust, you may be missing out on the tarot messages that will help you get what you want faster and stop you from making the same mistakes over and over.

In just the past week alone, my personal tarot card readings have:

  • Told me to expect a new source of income in my life. (A new client approached me out of the blue after hearing about me from another client).
  • Indicated that reaching out to a friend I wasn’t speaking to would only lead to more conflict. (I decided to maintain my distance).
  • Let me know that I should take no action this week on a particular project. (I will start it up again next week).

With regular tarot card readings:

  • You can determine whether it is currently a good time to act or if you should instead be still and wait for a different day to move forward.
  • You can get a heads up that someone important is about to enter your life.
  • You can gain insight into whether a person can be trusted.
  • You can get a heads up on whether a certain situation is good for you or not. 

If you don’t do readings regularly, you will miss important information

One of the keys to getting the most you can get from your tarot cards is to use them consistently. By doing tarot card readings regularly — and tracking the psychic answers you get — you will begin to see patterns emerging in your life and you can respond to your intuitive nudges and possibly avoid a personal crisis.

If you’re not sure how to use your cards in a practical way, check out three of the techniques I regularly use.

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Pull 2 cards per day 

This is my daily tarot card technique. Each morning, I ask for a message about the current day, and then I pull two cards.

For those who are not that familiar with using tarot cards, keep in mind these general tips:

  1. Clear your mind and ask your question while you’re shuffling the cards.
  2. Then, let your intuition guide you when it comes to picking the actual cards. You might pick the two cards from the top or pick random cards from the middle of the deck. I’ve done it both ways at different times. It just depends upon what I instinctively feel like doing that particular day.
  3. If a card or two falls out of your deck as you shuffle, consider that the Universe’s way of telling you those are the cards for your reading.  If I intend to pull two cards and five cards jump out, I just adjust my plans and use those 5 cards to conduct a 5 card reading.

Once I have the cards, I come up with my own interpretations. You might use a book of tarot spreads such as one of my favorites 365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day to come up with a spread you want to use. I like this book because it gives you spreads for so many different situations. For example, there are specific spreads for coming up with answers to questions on love, breakups, finding a job, starting a new goal or hobby — you name it, there’s a spread for it.

You can also make up your own spread. Here’s why you might want to come up with you own spread and how to do it.

What’s most important is that you write down your interpretations to the tarot messages you get. Don’t leave it to chance that you will remember it.  Keep that guidance in mind throughout the day.

Look at what you wrote at the end of the day and see if your interpretation has changed. You may realize that the cards meant something different than what you assumed at the start of the day. 

Do a weekly reading

In addition to doing a quick mini-reading each day, I do a weekly tarot card reading to come up with tarot messages. The question I ask is: What do I need to know this week?

I typically use a Celtic Cross spread for this reading but you can choose any spread that you’d like. Some people don’t use spreads at all but rather put down cards and simply allow themselves to take in psychic impressions. Any way you choose to read the cards is fine, as long as you understand the method to your madness.

Once I’m finished, I take a picture of the cards that are laid out so I can remember them. Then I write my interpretation and keep it with the picture. At the end of the week, I compare the reading to what has actually transpired in my life that particular week.

Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve started to notice themes.

Sometimes the same cards will appear multiple weeks in a row but change positions in the spread in a way that indicates a passage of time. For example, a few weeks ago, the Death card was in the ‘near future’ position for me, and last week, that card was in the ‘recent past’ position.  That let me know that something in my life had just come to an end. And the tarot was right. A relationship had soured (I talked about that here in this blog post about Venus being in Retrograde), and I realized that something had died between myself and this other person. Our relationship would have to evolve into something different if it was going to make it.

Do a reading for guidance

Sometimes I want answers to a particular question. Should I give up on a relationship? Should I take on a particular project? Is this a good time to spend money or should I be frugal right now?

For questions in life where I want guidance, I write down the question, then do the reading. As with the weekly readings, I take a picture of the reading and write my interpretation of each card and the reading itself. 

I then keep the written interpretation along with the picture in a convenient place where I can look back to the tarot messages as I move forward in my life. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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