13 Reasons to Send a Telepathic Message

telepathic message

If you have a knack for telepathy, taking the time to strengthen your skills can literally change your life. And isn’t that what psychic ability is about?  Once you get beyond the thrill of picking up on a telepathic message or having a dream that later turns out to come true, you want to be able to apply your psychic skills in real-life situations. 

Not sure how telepathy can come in handy? Here are 13 real-world scenarios where you can benefit from initiating a telepathic connection. 

Send a telepathic message to strengthen the bonds between yourself and a loved one 

This is one of the most obvious benefits of telepathy. It typically applies when the person you send a telepathic message to knows you are doing so because you want to explore telepathy together. Think lovers learning telepathy so they can share their thoughts and dreams without the awkwardness of verbal communication. 

As you work with a trusted friend or loved one to send thoughts to and from each other, you can strengthen your skills together. Not only could sharing a goal be a bonding experience, but if you are successful, your communication skills will enter a new level. 

Use telepathy to share information you are uncomfortable sharing face to face

Some conversations are tough to have. Being vulnerable can be challenging even when we want our loved ones to know a particular truth. Maybe you want to share a traumatic experience that happened to you during childhood, but you don’t want to go through the stress of having a verbal conversation about it. A telepathic connection can be used to transmit the information. 

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Telepathically tell someone you’re no longer in physical contact with something that you want them to know

Relationships come and go. There are some people who we are no longer in contact with and we might not even know how to reach them. But what if there is something we want to tell them? What if we want to thank them for the lessons they have brought into our lives? What if there is something we want to share? We can use a telepathic message to get the thought across. 

Use telepathy to give someone advice that they are not otherwise open to

Parents might particularly benefit from this one. What parent has not had advice for a child that they knew the child would not listen to. Sending the advice telepathically could help a loved one to make better decisions and avoid a world of hurt.

Apologize for a past hurt with telepathy 

We all get things wrong sometimes. And part of growth is recognizing that if given the chance we would do certain things differently. Sometimes we regret actions taken against someone else and we may want to apologize. If you can pick up the phone and call someone and apologize, great.

But we can’t always do that. Sometimes our ego won’t let us. (Just being real.) Other times, the person may not be open to speaking with us or we may no longer be in touch. If you can’t apologize verbally, a telepathic apology could give you peace of mind. 

Let telepathy be the way you forgive someone for a past hurt 

The flip side of apologizing is forgiving. You’ve probably heard the adage that forgiveness isn’t done for the other person; it’s done for you. That’s very true.

Forgiving someone is one of the ways to get closure from a situation. But forgiveness is not necessarily forgetting, and just because you forgive someone that doesn’t mean you should keep them in your life. In some cases, it might not even be safe for you to be around the person you want to forgive. In these cases, forgiving them telepathically can clear the air, making it easier for you to move on. 

Telepathically open up lines of communication with a loved one who has crossed over to the other side

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you probably know what it’s like to just wish for one more conversation with that person. With your telepathic abilities, you may just be able to do that. I’ve had dreams that I’ve later recognized were telepathic conversations with my father who has crossed over to the other side. Deceased loved ones might also send you messages when you are awake, particularly if your telepathic skills are strong. 

Explore your psychic abilities through telepathy

Sometimes you may simply want to delve into metaphysics and explore psychic phenomena just for fun. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to experience a telepathic connection just for the sake of experiencing it. In fact, the more you play with your psychic abilities and practice using them, the stronger they are likely to get. 

Let someone know with telepathy that you are open to a shift in the relationship

Sometimes relationships change — or at least you want them to. Say you’ve been friends with someone for a long time and you realize you have romantic feelings for them. You may wonder if they feel the same yet feel hesitant to ask them. In that case, you can ask the question telepathically or at least let the person know telepathically how you feel. Then pay attention to the relationship and see if it begins to evolve. 

Use telepathy to let a non-human loved one know you love them

People aren’t the only ones we can have telepathic connections with. We can also send a telepathic message to our pets and even our plants. I’ve used telepathy on plants that were drooping and noticed that in a few days they began to perk up. Using telepathic communication with your pet can also give you new insight into what your pet wants at a given time.

Send support telepathically when someone is going through a tough time

Life can be challenging at times and we may want to help someone but not know what we can do for them. Well one thing you can do is send warm thoughts of support telepathically. Even if you also tell them you’re there for them or send them a ‘thinking of you’ card, sending warm thoughts telepathically can only add to the energetic support that you are offering. 

Use telepathy to bring closure to a relationship

Every relationship is not going to end with loose ends neatly tied up. In the case that you have a breakup or separation that happens suddenly and doesn’t give you the opportunity to respond, a telepathic conversation could allow you to get what you need to get off of your chest. 

Connect with a soulmate you have not yet met through telepathy

One of the more fun uses of telepathy is for communicating with those from your future. Remember, time is a human construct, and the past, the present and the future are all taking place simultaneously.  That means, we can communicate with soulmates and other individuals that have not yet entered our life in this current lifetime telepathically. Doing so can also pave the way for a stronger relationship when the physical connection is made. 

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