Low Vibrational Entity: Signs You Are Dealing With One

law vibrational entity

As you open yourself to psychic ability you will likely become more sensitive to otherworldly beings around you. It’s not that you are suddenly more attractive to them — though you may very well be. More likely it’s that you are noticing the spiritual activity that was always around you. And sometimes you may come across a low vibrational entity.

In the Spirit world, everything vibrates. You vibrate at a certain level, just as those around you vibrate. We are attracted to people and experiences that vibrate at a similar level to us. 

When your vibration shifts suddenly, you may find that people who were close to you are suddenly no longer in your life. The reason for this is because you are no longer vibrating at a similar level so you go your separate ways. 

What is a low vibrational entity

First off, it’s important to know that a low vibrational entity does not necessarily have to be evil.  In fact, most of the time it probably won’t be evil. That’s not to say that there is no such thing as an evil presence. In fact, you can read about my experience with an evil presence here.

A low vibrational entity is simply one that is not very spiritually evolved. As a result, that entity may not have your best interests in mind in any interactions that you have. 

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That’s why when you connect to a guide or spiritual being, you shouldn’t blindly assume that entity knows more than you. In fact, there are some signs that can alert you that you are dealing with a low vibrational entity.

Signs of a low vibration

So what are some surefire signals that you may be dealing with a spirit that has a low vibration?

The entity seeks to flatter you

Highly-evolved spiritual beings want you to evolve as well. They are more focused on your spiritual growth than they are in pacifying your ego. If a spiritual entity is seeking to compliment you and tell you how great you are, it is likely a low vibration entity

The entity seeks to control you

As I said earlier, highly-evolved spiritual  beings want you to evolve and the best way to evolve is to make your own better decisions. And better decisions often come after we’ve made some bad ones.

Even if a spirit guide knows you are making a decision that you will later regret, that guide would let you do so if it would help you to make better decisions later. There is a caveat — a guide might step in and warn you if you were in danger, but again, a highly evolved spirit would not attempt to control you.

The entity seeks to make you feel guilty

We all make mistakes and mess up. Highly-evolved entities do not make you feel guilty about your mistakes. If anything, they are more understanding of the bigger picture so they recognize that it is not the end of the world that you made a mistake. And they also understand that mistakes are among the most valuable experiences we can have because they teach us important lessons.

The entity makes you feel uncomfortable in some way

We are all intuitive beings and we instantly know when something makes us feel good and when something makes us feel bad. Pay attention to those gut instincts. If you’re communicating with a spiritual entity and you feel frightened, uncomfortable or wary, pay attention and back away.

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