Telepathy Between Lovers: Ways to Strengthen Your Connection

Have you ever wanted to tell your partner something, but you just didn’t know how to say it? Have you ever wished they could just get something about you that you wanted them to know? Learning how to bring telepathy into your relationship could help the two of you to take your relationship to the next level. 

Telepathy works best when both parties are consciously trying to use their telepathy skills. In fact, when you use telepathy on someone who doesn’t know you are doing so, consider the ethical consequences. Telepathy between lovers can be rewarding and can help you improve your relationship. It can also help you get through a rough patch.  Here are some steps that can help you and your partner strengthen your telepathic connection.

telepathy between lovers


Recognizing your telepathic connection

Some partners already know that they have a telepathic connection. Soulmates are notorious for sharing each others’ thoughts. They may experience some of the following:

  • They finish each other’s sentences
  • They know what the other is thinking even when words are unsaid
  • They dream about each other and have vivid conversations in the dream
  • One contacts the other right when the other is thinking about them
  • They instinctively know when the other is in trouble or needs them
  • They instinctively know what the other needs even when those needs are unexpressed

If you already have a telepathic connection with your partner, increasing that telepathy between lovers can be a natural occurrence.  By spending time together with the shared intention of enhancing the telepathic relationship, you could be on your way to a mind blowing experience.

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Telepathy between lovers: Bringing up the conversation

If you’ve never talked about telepathy with your partner, you may be afraid to bring it up. What will they think? Will they be receptive to it? It’s important to consider how open your partner is to metaphysical topics such as intuition and telepathy. If they fear such topics, they may pull away from you or become uncomfortable if you launch into the topic too quickly.

Instead, you might want to ask: “What do you think about telepathy?” Listen to what they tell you. They may tell you they’ve always been fascinated by the idea. They may tell you that they are curious about it.

Another suggestion is to give them a book on telepathy. Maybe you read the book first and then tell them how much you enjoyed it and suggest that they read it too.

You can also suggest that your partner take a psychic development class with you. It can be a bonding exercise that brings you closer, and you’ll have a foundation for practicing telepathy.

Telepathic exercises between lovers

So once your partner agrees to work with you to enhance your telepathic connection, the fun can begin. When you’re trying to practice telepathy with any person, the goal is to practice sending and receiving thoughts. If telepathy between lovers is your goal, here are some exercises to try.

Share a dream together. Telepathy can take place when you’re sleeping or when you are awake. Some people find it easier to open a telepathic connection with someone when they’re both sleeping since their conscious mind is quiet and they are able to move beyond their natural doubts and fears. Set a time in which you and your partner intend to go to sleep. It’s helpful if you’re sleep at the same time. Then set an intention to meet up in your dreams. When you wake up, each of you write down what you remember about your dreams and then share that information with one another.

Send a visual image. Have one partner be the sender and the other be the receiver. The sender should visualize something and hold that image in their mind. Then, have the receiver describe what images he or she receives. They may not see the object itself but rather some of its characteristics. For example, if the sender thinks of a red apple, the receiver might see the color red or see something that is round. Both of those answers are examples of telepathic connection.

Becoming proficient at telepathy can take time. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t think you and your partner are having success at first. Instead, keep practicing and see if the two of you become better at it. The entire experience can be good for your relationship if you both go into it with an open mind. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.