15 Surprising Ways Intuition Speaks

I don’t know about you, but I was always good for making things harder than they need to be. I’d look for explanations or processes to explain how things worked when all I really needed was a feeling.

I think I was looking for a way to explain what I was experiencing to those who believe logic should be the rule of day.

But when it comes to intuition, often less is more, and feelings are more powerful than logic. (I believe that the logical mind will try to convince the intuitive mind that it is wrong so the ego mind can establish dominance.)

There is no one way that intuition communicates. But here are some common ways that psychic ability may show up:

A general feeling of dis ease

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A sudden change in temperature ~ feeling very hot or feeling very cold

A chill down your spine

A feeling of warmth and comfort

A sense of dread

Feeling repelled by something

Procrastinating but not knowing why you’re doing so

An instant knowing that all is well

An impulsive desire to act

A wave of anxiety to act immediately

A voice in the head repeating a warning

A sense of deja vu

Seeing different colors in your mind’s eye

Seeing scenes that haven’t happened in the mind’s eye

Hearing songs that hold a special significance or parlay a message

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