Rituals That Helped Me on My Cancer Journey

rituals for healing

Update: October 2022

I am cancer-free. I had surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to remove the tumor. Read below to see some of the healing rituals I used in addition to the wonderful medical care I received.

Healing is a journey that won’t happen overnight. When we heal, we first must uncover and identify an untruth that is causing dis ease in our body. But that’s not all. Once we discover that untruth we must deconstruct it and replace it with a belief that is life affirming to us. Rituals for healing can help us to do that.

If you’ve ever tried to incorporate a new habit, you know that repetition is often necessary before something sets in and sticks.The same is true when it comes to healing. It takes time to incorporate new beliefs that integrate so into your essence that the healing process can’t help but move forward. But the good news is you don’t have to be finished healing to enjoy the improvements to your life that come when you commit to healing. You will just keep feeling better and noticing positive synchronicities in your life.

The more intent you are on healing the better, and one way to set an intention is through rituals. When we do rituals for healing, we focus our energy on our intentions and associate those intentions with an action. For example, I might light a candle and set an intention, telling the Universe that as the candle burns, my intention is making its way through the Universe into reality.

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Rituals that last multiple days are even better because they allow you to focus your energy on your intention repetitively. How powerful is that!

In case you missed it, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer five months ago. While the cancer has not spread outside of my pancreas, the tumor is resting on a blood vessel, which is preventing doctors from operating to remove the cancer. I am currently undergoing my second regimen of chemotherapy in an effort to shrink the tumor off a the blood vessel. 

I am no doctor and this post is in no way medical advice. If you have a medical problem, see a doctor just like I did. I’m simply sharing some other metaphysical techniques that I have been experimenting with to support my body as I go through this process. 

Full and new moon healing rituals

While you can do a ritual anytime, rituals can be particularly powerful when you associate them with astrological events.

On the days in which there is new moon energy, I conduct rituals designed to attract a new state of being in my life. The new moon would be a great time to do a ritual designed to enhance or improve one’s health. (Of course, this is no substitution for seeing your doctor. In fact, see your doctor and conduct the new moon ritual.)

On the days in which there is full moon energy, I conduct rituals designed to get rid of things in my life. If I have an illness or toxins in my body, this would be a good time to visualize those toxins leaving my body and leaving me healthier. 

For example, one full moon, I lit a dark blue candle (blue signifies matters of health in candle magic) and as the candle burned down, I visualized my tumor shrinking until it disappeared entirely.

Here’s a caveat: try to avoid doing healing rituals when the moon is void of course. This occurs when the moon is leaving one sign and getting ready to go into another. Anything you do during a void of course moon is likely to be incomplete or it may have to be repeated.

Crystals for healing

During my illness, I also used crystals to support my healing process. I carried a piece of Unakite and Quartz in my pocket at times. I also often slept with those crystals beneath my pillow or on the nightstand next to my bed. One of the properties of Unakite is that it is believed to help your cells remember what it is to be in a state of perfect health. As they remember, so they act. 

I also paired my Epidote (which I have a special connection with) and my Amethyst and sat them on the bedstand next to my bed at home. Epidote is a powerful healing crystal that is believed to help dissolve tumors. Amethyst is a stone known for enhancing spirituality. 

 I have learned that carnelian promotes pancreatic health. I have a carnelian bracelet that I wear frequently now.

Visualization exercises

Another tool I turned to was visualization. Each day, I visualize my tumor shrinking enough for it to become safe to complete surgery. I envision my blood vessels no longer being impacted by the tumor. I saw my blood vessels unrestricted and my blood flowing normally and healthily through my body. 

Sometimes I would do the visualization while listening to music that affirmed perfect health by Karen Drucker. Other times, I visualized while sitting or laying in silence. 


Affirmations were another tool in my toolbox. Some of the things I would repeat to myself include:

I am healthy

I am in perfect health

I am healed.

My health is restored.

I am cancer-free.

I am in remission.

My blood vessels are healthy and unrestricted.

My circulatory system is returning to health. 

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