3 Life Events That Can Cause Your Third Eye to Open

third eye open

While some people discover their psychic abilities as children and work with those abilities all of their lives, others experience an awakening that can cause their third eye to open suddenly, and unexpectedly.

Those in the latter category may suddenly find themelves having psychic insights that turn out to be true. Perhaps they start having prophetic dreams. In many cases, they are simply drawn to metaphysical information and experiences in a way that they have never been drawn to them before.

A spiritual awakening that causes the third eye to open can occur at any time. However, there are some common life events that tend to bring a psychic awakening on. 

The death of a loved one

Anyone who has lost a loved one can understand how wrenching grief can be. Yet, some people have their first realization that they have a connection to the afterlife only after a loved one had crossed over to the other side.  One study even found that 6 in 10 grieving people ‘see or hear’ dead loved ones

Perhaps it’s because the loss of a loved one can cause us to have more of an interest in metaphysical matters. We may want so badly to communicate with our loved one that we begin to open ourselves up to the idea of doing so. While some skeptics may argue that grieving people are hallucinating or believing what they want to believe, if you’ve ever had the experience of having a conversation with a deceased loved one in your dreams, you know that it is real. 

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After an accident or traumatic injury

Some people begin to notice that they have psychic abilities after they have been in an accident or suffered some type of traumatic injury such as a concussion or a stroke. There are theories that psychic ability is more readily accessed in certain areas of the brain.

If that is the case, it’s certainly plausible that a brain injury could cause that part of the brain to be stimulated. Whatever the reason, there are people who describe recovering from a health crisis only to find themselves equipped with a host of new psychic skills. 

In the wake of a near-death experience

A near-death experience (NDE) is an incident in which a person feels or senses themselves dying and leaving their body only to return to their body shortly after. Some people say they were given the option to come back to their bodies; others simply found themselves back in their bodies after a period of time. Some people describe a white light and a tunnel, as well as loved ones on the other side waiting to welcome them. 

NDEs typically are memorable experiences that can be life-transforming on their own. However, some people who have had one go on to experience other metaphysical phenomena and even find themselves having psychic insights that frequently come true.

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