4 Times You Need Psychic Protection at Work

psychic protection

Sure, psychic ability can help you to make better decisions, sense danger and get a glimpse into the future. But it can also serve as a layer of protection, particularly if someone is sending bad vibes your way. Thanks to backstabbing co-workers, office politics and bad managers, the workplace can be one of the most toxic environments we have to spend time in. Here are some instances when psychic protection can keep you sane.

Co-workers are hostile at a meeting

Meetings can be stressful in some workplaces, particularly when employees are jockeying for position or trying to impress a manager. If certain colleagues don’t like each other, meetings can be even more uncomfortable.

But what if there is negativity being directed at you? Imagine someone is hoping that you don’t make a good impression or someone wants the recognition you’re receiving. In those cases, their negativity toward you can be deflating.

To protect yourself in a meeting, bring a black obsidian crystal to absorb the negative energy. You don’t have to have it sitting out; it can be hidden in your pocket or pocketbook and it will still do its job.

You’re given an unfair amount of work

Are you expected to take on unwanted tasks while other co-workers get away with doing pretty much nothing throughout the day? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, women are often asked to do office administrative tasks that men are not expected to do. Not only can that be annoying but it can keep you from getting your other work done. And THAT can keep you from making the impression in the office that you want to make.

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So how can psychic protection help you in that situation?? When it comes to being the recipient of unwanted work, the best solution is to stay under the radar when it’s time for such tasks to be given out. One way to do that is to create a psychic shield that creates a cloak of invisibility over you. With an effective psychic shield, you’ll be less likely to be noticed when it’s time to give out the unwanted tasks.

You beat a vindictive co-worker out for a promotion

Sure we’re supposed to feel happy for our colleagues when good things happen to them but that doesn’t always happen in the workplace. In particular, if you scored a promotion that another co-worker thought he or she deserved, that person could be sending some nasty thoughts your way.

This warrants a piece of evil eye jewelry. Evil Eye Jewelry is designed to protect you from bad luck or harm that might come about if someone is jealous of you or casts an evil eye in your direction.

An unstable co-worker is reprimanded or fired

Unfortunately we live in a time when office shootings are not so out of the ordinary. If you suspect that a colleague is dangerous or intends to harm people, let management know and possibly even call the police yourself. However, you can also do something to make the workplace a little safer.

Get some smudge spray to clear the negativity in the office. You may know that burning smudge can be a great technique for clearing out negative energy. However, it’s probably not a good idea to go around smudging in the office because the smoke will likely not be allowed. The spray will be much more inconspicuous and it can still do the trick.

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