Does Tragedy Unleash Psychic Abilities?

tragedy psychic ability

While I’ve always had some hit-or-miss psychic experiences, my psychic ability strengthened dramatically after the death of my father. I’m not the only one who has a story like this. I know people who found their psychic superpowers after a loved one’s death, on the heels of a divorce, or even after being subjected to a traumatic crime such as a rape.

Even Laura Day, the renowned author and psychic to Fortune 500 companies explains that her psychic abilities seem to go hand in hand with tragedy. She told Forbes that her mother committed suicide when she was 14, her uncle took his own life and later two of siblings committed suicide in adulthood. In the article she actually suggests that psychic ability may have been one of the reasons for her family’s feelings of self-torture:

“My superpower from trauma is intuition,” Day told writer Wendy Sachs. β€œIt was a kind of survival mode. I intuitively found a milieu where my defect is considered a gift because most people like me have either put a gun in their mouth or they’re in a psych ward or they’re on the street.”

While we all have psychic abilities, if you talk to fifty people who consider themselves to be psychic, chances are some of them will admit to having experienced a major crisis or tragedy when their intuition took off or became a primary focus in their lives.

Here are some reasons why this may be.

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Our brains may become rewired to experience psychic activity

Research suggests that psychic ability takes place in a portion of our brain that most of us rarely use. For example, one scientific study found that psychic mediums have something going on in their brains that the general population doesn’t.

Boston area psychic MaryLee Trettenero wrote in a blog post that our brains often have to rewire themselves when we are healing from a traumatic event. During that process we may fire up parts of our brains that were dormant before.

Losing a loved one may make us more open to mediums

Another reason why we might have more psychic experiences after tragedies is because we might want them. If you’ve never experienced the death of a loved one, chances are you weren’t so interested in speaking to someone who is dead. But a psychic reading with a medium can not only be life-changing, but it could also cause you to start exploring your own growing abilities as a medium.

Grief and depression can cause us to look for deeper answers

When we’re grieving and life isn’t going so well we tend to be less interested in the material world around us. These are the times that we long to know our purpose or why we’ve been going through the things we’ve been going through. Many of us seek spiritual answers at times like this, which could lead some of us to seek out psychics. If a psychic gives you the answers you need, that’s great. But some people later become drawn to the idea of coming up with their own answers and increasing their own psychic abilities.

If you’ve recently experienced a crisis and you’re interested in enhancing your psychic abilities:

Try meditation. Not only can meditation help you to cut down on the stress in your life, but it can open you up to your intuitive abilities as you begin to cut the constant chatter out of your mind. If meditation is hard for you (it used to be hard for me), you might want to try this little trick that helped me to meditate more easily.

Keep a dream journal. A lot of people find psychic dreams to be their entryway into their psychic abilities. Start writing down what you remember from your dreams and pay attention to the patterns. You may find that you dream about events days before they actually happen. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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