7 Times a Psychic Housecleaning is in Order

Just as your home needs a physical cleaning every so often, it also needs a psychic housecleaning at times. With a psychic housecleaning, you’re not so much worried about dust bunnies as you are energetic gunk that keeps your life from flowing smoothly.

If negative energy has invaded your space, you might feel tired, depressed, unmotivated, bored and weighed down. A psychic housecleaning can remove that energy and you may find that you feel better after it’s done.

Recognizing that your house is in need of a psychic housecleaning isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. In fact, a host of things can leave unwanted energetic residue in your space. One of the best ways to do some psychic housecleaning is to smudge your space. Click here to learn how to smudge your house.

Here are some times when a psychic housecleaning can give your space — and your life — a fresh start.

You’ve had an argument with someone

Have you ever walked into a room and sensed that someone had just been arguing? Maybe you’ve heard the expression ‘you can cut the tension with a knife.’

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When people have strong disagreements, it can change the energetic blueprint of the room, all right, and leave everyone feeling awkward and energetically off. If you get into an argument with someone outside of your home, you can come home, take a shower and wash the stench off. But if the argument took place in your space, you’ll be soaking in the energetic remnants unless you do a little psychic housecleaning.

You’ve had a string of bad luck

Sometimes things will be funky and you’ll have no idea why. We all have periods where everything just seems to go wrong at once. You made a major mistake at work? Check. You had a fight with your spouse? Check. Your water heater needs to be replaced? Check check check.

If you’ve been feeling like you can’t catch a break, this is the perfect time to try to break the connection you have with whatever has been going on and start anew. Psychic housecleaning can serve as a way to let the Universe know that you’re ready to turn the page.

Someone moves out

We all have our own energetic footprint. When we live with others, all of our energy commingles. All of that mixed up energy affects the way we feel. When we get along with those we live with, we can feel supported and uplifted, and if they were to move out, we’d likely miss them or feel sad. If we don’t get along with those we live with, we can feel weighed down and annoyed by their presence.

Either way, if someone moves out, they take much of their energy with them, which will likely impact the way we feel. However, some of their energy may remain, or we may have psychic cords of attachment keeping us connected to them. A psychic housekeeping session can cleanse the energy as you start anew.

Violence has occurred in the location

This one is a no-brainer. Violence is a manifestation of negataive energy. If violence occured in your space, the chances are pretty reasonable that remnants of negative energy remain. Have you ever felt your skin crawl while passing by a location where someone was murdered? There’s a reason why it’s hard to sell a house where someone died violently. Sometimes thoses who are sensitive to energy can even feel the presence of negative energy and become repelled.

Someone unpleasant was in your space

The more you learn to work with energy, the more you’ll appreciate your own sacred space. Your home should be a place that feels good to you, where you can be yourself and build yourself up when your energy is drained. Your home should not be doing the draining.

One way to keep our house feeling good to you is to make sure that those who don’t feel good to you stay out. Be careful who you invite into your domain. If their energy doesn’t feel great to you, they shouldn’t come in.

However, sometimes we have to make exceptions. For example, what if a repair person comes in and his energy is particularly unpleasant. Or maybe one of your friends or loved ones brings someone to your house and your energy just does not vibe. In these situations, you’ll want to do a little psychic housecleaning to make things feel right again.

You break up with a significant other

Breaking up with a loved one is generally hard to do. Even when the relationship has long soured, you can be affected by officially cutting ties with someone. A lover that has spent time in your space will likely have left energy renmants that can keep you thinking about them or keep you from moving on. Such energy can also keep you mired in grief or depression making it harder for you to see past your loss.

If the two of you are soulmates, cutting the cord can be even more challenging. (Click here to learn how to break a soulmate connection that has turned toxic.) A psychic housecleaning can help.

You’re the victim of a psychic attack

A psychic attack is a situation in which someone uses supernatural or psychic energy to attack your energy or your aura without your permission. The person doesn’t even have to be doing it consciously; you can experience signs of a psychic attack if someone is simply directing negative thoughts and intentions your way. Signs of a psychic attack can include fatigue and confusion. (Check out some other signs you’re experiencing a psychic attack here) A psychic housecleaning can’t hurt and it will likely help.

While a psychic housecleaning is often in order when there are unpleasant changes you need to address, it can also be a boost when there are good changes going on in your life. A new season, a new cycle and a special occasion such as a birthday can all get a boost from a psychic housecleaning that shifts the energy inside of your space. Anytime I start a new important endeavor, I also like to have a quick psychic housecleaning session. It’s a also a great way to celebrate the waning moon.

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