Breaking a Soulmate Connection: How to Cut the Cord

Soulmate relationships can be fulfilling when they go right. However, what about when soulmate relationships go wrong? Breaking a soulmate connection may be the healthiest option for you.

breaking a soulmate connectionBy their very nature, soulmate relationships tend to be more intense than many other relationships. We share multiple lives with our soulmates. They are souls that come from the same soul groups that we come from. As a result, soulmates tend to be people who help us evolve. (Don’t be confused by the notion that soulmates are always romantic partners. Read about the different types of soulmates we can have, here.)

However, sometimes evolving means letting people go. If we have strong, intense relationships with our soulmates is it possible to cut those energetic cords and separate?

Signs of a toxic soulmate relationship

A soulmate relationship can be toxic like any other relationship. Signs you’re in a toxic relationship include:

  • Constantly feeling drained when you’re in the person’s company
  • Always giving to the other person and you’re never getting anything back
  • You’re subject to the person’s emotional outbursts
  • You feel like you’re being unfairly judged by the person
  • The person is unreliable to the point where they often let you down
  • You don’t trust the person

One way to protect ourselves from a toxic relationship is by cutting the energetic cords between ourselves and that toxic person. So can we apply that same strategy to our soulmates?

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Cutting cords with soulmates

Often we make soul contracts with our soulmates. Soul contracts are agreements made with other souls between lives that we will play a certain role in each other’s current lifetime. Soul contracts are set up to help us to evolve. They will make us healthier people who are more aligned with our soul purpose.

A relationship that wears you down is not a good situation for your soul. It’s not a healthy situation. You would never make a soul contract that would be to your soul’s detriment. If a relationship is breaking you down, the best thing you can do for the sake of your soul is to cut the cord and break the soulmate connection.

If you’re worried because you think a soulmate relationship is supposed to last forever, consider this. If someone is a true soulmate who is meant to play a role in your life moving forward, they will adapt to the point where they can interact with you in a healthier way. Cutting the cord may be the inspiration that they need to do that.

Breaking a soulmate connection: what to do

Once you decide that you no longer want such a strong energetic connection with a soulmate, you can take steps to cut the cord. Some people choose to seek professional help.

You can also ask your angels or Spirit Guides to cut the cords for you. Some people call on Archangel Michael to help them to cut cords from others in their lives. Silently say a prayer, asking your angels and Spirit Guides to help you free yourself from being connected to this person.

You can also try candle magic. Burn a black candle and visualize the cord between you and the soulmate being cut. You might also burn incense at the same time and once the incense burns out, put out the candle with a candle-snuffer.

Water can also do the trick. Take baths or go for a swim at the end of the day to keep unwanted psychic cords from forming in the first place. Water cleanses energetic connections and by bathing at night, you remove temporary energetic bonds before they have a chance to strengthen while you sleep.

Soulmate relationships, like all relationships, should be a source of support for you. If a soulmate relationship turns toxic, be willing to cut the cord. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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