Binding Spells to Set Boundaries with In-Laws

  • Psychic protection can protect you from the bad intentions of a spiteful in-law.
  • Learn how a binding spell can keep an in-law’s bad behavior at bay.

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who complained about her relationship with her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law has never made her feel particularly welcome in the family. In fact, at the rehearsal dinner, the night before her wedding, her mother-in-law made disparaging remarks about her that several guests overheard.

It’s been years since the wedding, and now the mother-in-law is thinking about moving closer to my friend and her husband. (Right now, she lives several states away.) Obviously, that’s causing my friend some stress.
boundaries with in-lawsIf you’ve ever had a strained relationship with in-laws, you may relate to this scenario. You want to be a good spouse and honor your partner’s family relationships. But when someone has treated you poorly, it can be challenging to say the least to put on that welcoming smile and pretend that all is ok.

Then there are situations where in-laws are downright hostile. They may send negative thoughts your way or even launch a psychic attack. Some may even try to break up your marriage, thinking there is someone better for their loved one to be with. How are you expected to deal with that?

Using psychic protection with in-laws

One way you can set boundaries with in-laws is by using psychic protection. Everything is energy, including bad intentions. But bad intentions can be stopped in their tracks if you understand how to do so.

Binding spells can be used to stop something. Basically, you’re binding up a behavior that is hurting you. For example, if someone maliciously gossips about you behind your back at work, you could use a binding spell to bind — or stop — the gossip.

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When you do any spell you set an intention into the Universe. You have nothing to do with the circumstances that happen next. The Universe takes care of it. In some cases, using the gossip example, the co-worker who gossips about you all the time might just suddenly stop and focus on a different target. Or perhaps the gossiper gets a new job. Or perhaps you get a promotion that causes you to have no contact with this person anymore. It’s always pretty amazing to watch what happens in life when you ask the Universe to help you to take care of a troubling situation.

So going back to my friend’s mother-in-law. Since my friend is open to using metaphysics and magic to enhance her life, I suggested that she do a binding spell to create boundaries between her and her mother-in-law. First she should determine what those boundaries are. What can she tolerate from the mother-in-law? What would be considered overstepping  a boundary? Once she could make that distinction the binding spell could help. She would basically set the intention that any actions that would overstep those boundaries be binded.

A spell to set boundaries with in-laws

To enact a simple binding spell you might try the following. You can use it to bind the actions of anyone; just replace mother-in-law with that person’s name. Also, feel free to use your own language when doing the ritual. Spells and rituals are meant to work with your intention. They work best when the words come from the heart.

Also keep in mind that you’re not trying to wish harm on anyone; you are simply intending to protect yourself and that is totally within your rights.

A red cord or strong piece of red thread. The reason I suggest red is because it is a protective color
A white candle

Light the candle. Then set the intention by stating your name and stating the name of the person you want protection from and what behavior you want to bind. In this case, my friend might say, I, Mary, wish to seek protection from the harmful words and actions sent toward me by my mother-in-law, Jackie. If you work regularly with angels or spirit guides, at this point you might ask them for their assistance and protection.

Then take the red cord and pass each end through the flame (do not allow the cord to catch on fire). Afterwards, you’re going to tie three knots in the center of the cord. As you’re tying the knots, again, state what you’re intending to bind. You might say, ‘Light overcomes darkness; Blessings overcome curses. By the power of the light (or your spirit guides or guardian angels), I bind and tie my mother-in-law from overstepping her boundaries and intruding in my relationship.’

Then use the candle to light the incense. With the red cord in your non-dominant hand, pick up the incense with your dominant hand and write into the air some semblance of the following: ‘Bound be my mother-in-law from troubling me.’ Writing into the air with the smoke of the incense helps to set the intention into the Universe.

At this point, you’re done. Extinguish the candle and say something like this:
‘It shall be that I am free in the time and manner best for all involved.’ Then express appreciation to the Universe or any spiritual beings that you called upon. If you want to learn more about psychic defense, I recommend Everyday Psychic Defense by Cassandra Eason. She includes real-world examples of cases where psychic defense strategies hav worked.

You have the right to set boundaries with in-laws. Family relationships are important but they must be respectful of your personal needs. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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