Can a Used Tarot Deck Have Bad Energy Attached?

If you’re anything like me, you gravitate toward tarot decks and oracle cards. I don’t have just one deck; every time I see one that calls to me I want to add to my collection.

But what happens if I’m drawn to a deck that’s not new? Should I worry about whether there could be some type of negative energy attached to the deck that could then start to impact my life?

I thought about this question after seeing someone ask whether they should use a used tarot deck in a facebook group I am in. The responses, which all came from people who love and use tarot cards, were all over the map.

However, everyone agreed on one thing, and I would imagine that most people who use tarot cards would likely nod their heads in agreement with this: When you use tarot cards, the cards become infused with your energy. Something magical happens between the cards and their owner that allows the tarot card practitioner to see beyond colorful pictures to glean intuitive knowledge.

Tarot cards and energy

With that said, does the energy go away when the cards change hands? And if bad energy is attached, can it affect you?

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Some members of the facebook group said they avoided the issue entirely by simply never accepting a used deck. They felt strongly that they would prefer to ensure that their cards only held their energy.

A few people looked at the positives that come with having a deck that has been used by someone else. They pointed out that a used deck could be even more powerful than a new deck since it had the energy of another tarot practitioner. Some even pointed out how a deck could be passed down from one tarot practitioner to the next in an intentional way, incorporating the magical prowess of all of the owners.

Others said that it’s fine to use a used deck; however, they suggested that the new user cleanse it first. A couple people voiced their concerns about a negative entity being attached to the cards. I wasn’t particularly moved by that concern, but I agree that cleansing the deck is a good move.

There are a number of ways to cleanse a tarot deck including:

  • Using the smoke from sage or incense to waft over and purify the cards. (This is one of my favorite types of incense to use for rituals and cleansing).
  • Holding the cards in your non-dominant hand and setting the intention that they be cleansed
  • Cleansing them with certain crystals. Selenite is an excellent stone for cleansing tarot cards. You might even keep a piece of selenite in the pouch that you keep your tarot cards in so they get the benefit of constant cleansing. Or simply place the crystal on top of the deck when you’re not using it
  • Sitting the tarot deck under the light of a the full moon

I’d also be interested in knowing who owned my tarot cards before. If I could, I’d like to know how their energy aligned with mine. However, I also don’t believe I would be attracted to tarot cards that weren’t meant for me.

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