Reincarnation Stories: Recognizing Past Life Lovers and Friends

Reincarnation stories: we all have them. And you may know more about yours than you think.

reincarnation storiesReincarnation is the belief that we have lived past lives; after we die, we are reborn to life after life. Reincarnation stories can be fascinating, particularly when you intuitively feel that you are picking up information about your own past lives. We often have feelings for people that make no logical sense. We can meet someone and immediately sense a connection, whether it’s a feeling of warmth and trust or a feeling warning us to stay away. But sometimes we can meet someone and get the feeling that they are a past life lover or a friend.

Before you jump to the conclusion that the person you are romantically involved with today was a past life lover, consider this: just because you were romantically involved in one lifetime doesn’t mean that you are romantically involved in this lifetime, so current romantic attraction isn’t necessarily a sign that you were past life lovers.

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So what should your look for? When trying to make sense of your own reincarnation stories, consider these signs that you may be interacting with a past life lover or friend.

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Making sense of your own reincarnation stories

So how do you determine how your present relationships relate to your past life relationships? Here are signs that you might be dealing with a past life lover or friend.

The connection was immediate. We become close to many people over the course of our lives. However, with most people our relationships reveal themselves over weeks, months and even years. But there are some people we meet and there is such a strong immediate connection that we know that the relationship is different somehow. What we’re likely picking up on is the relationship that was already established during a different lifetime.

The feelings contradict logic. This can occur in one of two ways. You may not know anything about someone yet feel inexplicably close to them. Your friends may be telling you, ‘you don’t know this person; you shouldn’t trust them at this point.’ However, you may know different. This can also happen in the case where you meet someone who is truly nice to you. They may look trustworthy to everyone else, but you may instinctively not trust them. In this case, your friends may say, ‘he or she is a great person. Why are you suspicious of them?’ You may not know why you don’t trust this person but you just know that you do.

Information comes in a dream. Sometimes we glean information about our reincarnation stories when we are sleeping. Have you ever dreamt about someone in your current life and the dream didn’t make sense? Maybe they are wearing clothing from a different time period. That could give you a clue about the time period of a past life that you spent with the person. Maybe the person in a dream is doing something that they don’t do in their present life. Again, that could be your past life memories shining through in your dream.

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You experience deja vu when you are with someone. Sometimes we meet up with someone in our lives and feel like we’ve had the conversation before. Maybe the scenery seems familiar even though you’re in a place that you’ve never been. Deja vu is very powerful and it’s not something you can easily ignore. You know the moment is important because you know you’ve experienced it before somehow. In those cases, you and the person in your life may be reliving a moment from a past life (or even a parallel life).

Whenever you sense that there is more than meets the eye to a current relationship, write down your thoughts. Over time you will have a series of clues that can help you to piece your own reincarnation stories together. While reading about the past lives of others is fascinating, there is nothing more interesting than learning about your own. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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