Protection Spells: What to do When You’re in Danger

Protection spells. You may think you’ll never need one. No one wants to experience a threat that would make them even consider one. Yet, life does not always go according to plan.

protection spellsYesterday, I learned that a friend had a threat made against her life. Law enforcement is doing its job and working to apprehend the person who made the threat. I have confidence that they will be successful. However, metaphysical knowledge can also be used to help us overcome any situation. Why not use all of the tools at our disposal?

I decided to do some research to come up with some ways to help my friend stay protected  while law enforcement does its job through metaphysical and spiritual methods that people have turned to for centuries. Here is a smattering of what I found.

Setting an intention of protection

Intention is so powerful. Focused intention can transform situations and change lives. When  working with protection spells, first we must be clear about what we’re trying to do.

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Before I go further I want to say something about the word ‘spell.’ Many people feel uneasy about that word; it may scare them and may have a negative connotation to some. However, I consider a spell any ritual that is performed to help focus my intention on a particular outcome. Through spellwork, we become clear about our goal and crystallize our desire to set that intention into the Universe. Once in the Universe, metaphysical forces work to bring them into being.

When dealing with protection spells, the goal is to keep the vulnerable party safe. You don’t want to wish ill will on the perpetrator. Remember, any energy you put out can be sent back to you. Instead, your focus is keeping the person safe while deflecting any negative energy sent by the perpetrator back to him or her.

Protection spells using candles

One way to create a protection spell is to use candles. Candle magic follows a simple principle. When you set an intention and light a candle, the smoke from the candle goes up into the Universe with your intention. As the candle burns down, your intention continues to be emitted as focused energy.

Candle colors are symbolic. A green one might be used for financial intentions while a red or pink candle might be used for intentions related to love. It can be helpful to buy a pack of candles of different colors so you have the color you need when you have a desire and want to practice candle magic. When it comes to protection spells, you might consider using a black candle. According to The Candle Magick Workbook by Kala and Ketz Pajeon, black candles can be used “to absorb or remove anything; to end something; to remove or encase undesirable energies.”

I tend to dress my candles using essential oils. Dressing a candle is the act of rubbing oil on the candle. To bring something to you, rub oil on your hands and start from the top of the candle and rub your hands from the top to the middle of the candle. Then go to the bottom of the candle and rub upwards back to the middle.

To get rid of something in your life, you do the opposite; you start from the middle of the candle and rub the oil onto the candle using an upward motion until you get to the top. Then go back to the middle of the candle and rub your hands downward to the bottom. When you’re dealing with protection spells, you want to dispel negative energy or send it away from you; As a result, I would rub the black candle with an essential oil from the middle to the top, and then from the middle down.

Choosing the right essential oil

But which essential oil or oil blend should you use? You can find some that have already been mixed up for you.

Or you can use an essential oil that is known for protection. Among the essential oils that have protective properties:

  • black pepper
  • bergamot mint bouquet
  • clove oil
  • cypress
  • juniper
  • lime
  • niaouli
  • petitgrain
  • pine

Crystals that offer protection

You can also wear protection in the form of a crystal. Certain crystals have protective qualities and can repel negative energy while helping to keep you safe.

My friend could benefit from a piece of Sardonyx. This crystal can be used to thwart crime by placing several pieces around your house and your yard.

Fire Opal is another crystal that can be helpful, as it can be used to protect yourself from danger. The orange-red crystal can be worn around your neck in one of those necklace cages that are designed to hold crystals. Or you can simply carry it around with you in your pocket.

Other protective crystals include Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz and Obsidian.

No matter what protective crystals you use, make sure you cleanse the crystal frequently as it will be absorbing negative energies. Here is more information on how to cleanse your crystals

Visualization can also go a long way with protection spells. Visualize the person who is at risk being safe, happy and out of danger. In your visualization, the threat will be in the past. You might even visualize the person in danger talking about the experience in the past tense and being so happy that it turned out to be nothing at all.

While these methods should not be used instead of getting law enforcement involved, they can be used as a supplement to law enforcement to help keep you and your loved ones safe. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.