Should Chasers Give Up on a Twin Flame Reunion?

twin flame reunionWhile many people dream of finding their twin flame, a twin flame reunion can be a painful and long experience. Twin flame relationships are notorious for being full of angst and ups and downs and separations and reunions. In fact, if you’re looking for a stable life and the classic white picket fence, you may want to forego the twin flame experience entirely. However, when it is time for twin flames to unite, in many cases, the feelings are too strong to turn back.

Twin flame stages

There are typically several stages to a twin flame relationship. The twin flames typically meet and experience a connection like no other. They may bond immediately and feel as if they’ve known each other forever. A relationship may begin extremely fast and be very passionate and there could be the sense that this experience is truly extraordinary. In some cases, it will seem as of the Universe worked to bring the two of you together. And know that it did. However, that doesn’t mean that the relationship will be drama-free.

The next stage is when the trouble begins. The twin flame relationship is typically rocked when one person runs from the other. The twin flame process can be a very dramatic one. In fact there are even movies that deal with the twin flame phenomenon.

Typically the parties in a twin flame relationship will take on different roles. One person becomes the twin flame runner, meaning they are fleeing from the relationship. In many cases, the twin flame runner believes that the relationship is too intense. In other cases, the twin flame runner may not even realize that he or she is in a twin flame relationship. At this point, the other party in the relationship can only hope for a twin flame reunion.

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Is a twin flame reunion in the cards?

While one party becomes the twin flame runner, typically the other becomes what’s known as the twin flame chaser. And yes, it is just like it sounds. The twin flame chaser reacts to the twin flame runner’s actions by trying to convince them to return to the relationship.

The twin flame chaser is so emotionally devastated by the relationship that he or she feels willing to do anything to get the runner back. The twin flame chaser is often more spiritually aware than the twin flame runner so he or she may realize the depth of the relationship and know instinctively that the pair still has unfinished business. So he or she may literally try to make it happen by chasing the twin flame runner.

However, at a point, the twin flame chaser may give up and begin to believe that a twin flame reunion is useless. This usually happens after  a lot of pain and frustration.

What happens after the twin flame chaser gives up

Once the twin flame chaser gives up something interesting often happens. Sometimes when the chaser believes a twin flame reunion is hopeless, the runner actually comes back.  One reason runners run is because they feel intense pressure and can’t deal with it. Once the chaser gives up, the pressure is typically off and energetically, the twin flame runner can sense it. Without that pressure, the twin flame runner may now begin to get in touch with his or her feelings and realize that they want to return to the relationship.

So what should the twin flame runner take from that? Chasing may not be the best course of action. If you truly understand twin flame relationships, you know that there will be a twin flame reunion at some point, whether it happens in this lifetime or another. If you take the longterm spiritual view, you can surrender to that fact and trust that the Universe will do what it is necessary to bring about the higher good for everyone who is involved.

By surrendering to the Universe, you exhibit faith that all will turn out well. And twin flame runners and twin flame chasers can be happy engaging in other areas of their lives. Trust that things will turn out ok, and if you have truly met your twin flame and not a false twin flame, then a twin flame reunion will at some point be in the cards. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.