Could an enemy be from a past life?

past life enemyIf you’ve ever had an instant dislike for someone, you may have been confused about why you had such strong emotions toward a person that you barely knew. However, the reason could be because the person shared a past life with you, and the negativity you felt could be leftover feelings from that previous lifetime.

Maybe the person caused you harm in a past life. (Or perhaps it was the other way around. You might have been the one who caused harm to them and the karmic connection could still be a factor in both of your lives.) However, if the feelings that you have toward this person are very strong, chances are the lessons that you are meant to share are not yet over.

Feelings of negativity aren’t always present when an enemy in a past life reincarnates with us. In fact, it is not unusual for groups of souls to reincarnate with one another over and over again. And the roles that souls play in each other’s lives typically change. For example, your parent in one life could be your child in another. Your best friend in one life could be your spouse in another. An enemy in another life could be a loved one in this life.

Enemies can bring some good

While it might seem strange that an enemy in a past life would be a friend in this current life, consider this. Your enemies are likely your greatest teachers.

People who challenge you and test your patience, faith or strength enhance your character and propel you toward spiritual growth. Chances are you’ve grown the most during difficult times in your life. If someone has hurt you, that likely led you to make major changes in your life if only to decrease the chances that someone would be able to hurt you in that way ever again.

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On the flip side, an enemy in this lifetime could be someone you were very close to in a previous life. Perhaps the two of you made a soul contract to be enemies in this lifetime so that both of you would be able to experience major shifts and growth in this lifetime.

How to learn about your past lives

One of the greatest forms of insight that you can experience comes from learning about your past lives. While it can be exciting to learn that you lived in Egypt or you were a famous personality in a past life, that’s not the most valuable information that you can get. If you learn about your past lives, you can find out about how your current relationships are rooted in previous lifetimes. Do you have irrational fears for the safety of your child? Could it be because that child shared a previous life with you and was taken from you prematurely?

If you’ve ever wondered about some of your relationship patterns, or you’ve wondered why some relationships are so good (and others are so bad), you may find those answers by exploring your past lives. Another valuable piece of insight that you can glean has to do with what you’re here to do in this lifetime. Often we start a lifetime with the goal of finishing something important that we started in a previous lifetime. It’s natural for us to forget why we came here this time around, but with past life exploration you can remember.

There are a couple of ways that you can learn more about your past lives. One way is to try an online psychic. I personally like to either get a recommendation or see someone in action before I spend money on a reading.  Oranum lets you chat with a psychic for free so you can get a feel for whether you like the person’s energy before you decide on paying for a reading.

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Before any reading, keep in mind:

  • You’ll get better results if you calm your mind and take a few deep breaths before your reading.
  • Also, have a pad of paper nearby so you can jot down notes. The psychic may tell you something that doesn’t make sense today but it may make sense tomorrow.

If you’d rather do your own exploration of your past lives, consider doing a past life regression, in which a past life regression therapist walks you through the memories from this lifetime and the ones before.

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