Animal familiar: Did you share a past life with your pet?

animal familiar

If you have a special connection with your pet that seems almost magical, you may have shared a past life with that pet. In fact, the pet may even have been an animal familiar in a past life.

I know someone who felt compelled to adopt a cat. She visited several cat adoption places. When she arrived at one place, one of the cats literally jumped up and started tapping on the glass when the cat saw her.

The cat continued to tap frantically and one of the people who worked at the adoption center made the comment that that was unusual behavior for the cat. The woman who wanted to adopt the cat didn’t do so right away. She decided to go home and sleep on it. That night, she dreamt about the cat and the cat in her dream appeared once again to be trying frantically to get her attention.

The woman ended up adopting the cat, and she describes their relationship as being almost magical with the cat knowing the woman’s moods and even coming if the woman thinks that she wants the cat to come to where she is.

Is your pet an animal familiar?

Just as we tend to share past lives with other people, we can share past lives with our animals. There may even have been more of a formal magical relationship with the animal. Familiars were animals that people shared a special connection with, according to different cultures and belief systems.

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For example, a witch’s familiar was believed to be an animal — usually a cat — that had magical powers.

But there is a dark side to the history of the animal familiar. During periods in which witches and other spiritual people were persecuted, there were instances of their pets being killed as well because they were believed to possess evil powers. Some ignorantly believed that familiars were given to witches by the devil so they were inherently evil.

Animals may sense past life connections

If a stray animal finds itself at your door and you develop an unexplainable closeness to it, there is a chance that the animal may recognize you from a past life or may know that he or she is your animal familiar.

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