Fears that Block Your Intuition — and What to Do About Them

block your intuition

Everyone has psychic ability. Absolutely everybody. While a psychic may be able to help you gain clarity, the truth is you have the power to get your own messages to help you make the best decisions in your life.

If you’re frustrated that you don’t get messages as often as you would like to, there could be a simple explanation. Fear could be keeping you from tapping into the innate Spiritual wisdom that we all have within. 

Fear can be paralyzing. In my own life, I have let fear stop me from writing fiction. I have let it keep me from exploring ideas I’m passionate about. I’ve even let it convince me to end an important relationship prematurely. 

Fear can keep you from recognizing your intuition and following it. Here are five fears that can block your intuition. 

Fear of the unknown

The ego loves to be in control of situations. The only way it can be in control is if it can predict the outcome. Psychic ability is not predictable because it defies logic. Scientists have not yet managed to prove psychic ability exists though there are studies in quantum physics that are getting close.

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Psychic ability is also associated with some scary situations. For example, haunted houses and roaming ghosts instill fear in many people. Likewise ouija boards often invoke fear, and some people discourage using them because they claim the boards are purportedly evil.  (They really aren’t. They are simply metaphysical tools that help you to open a portal.)

If you buy into these fears, you may subconsciously believe that accessing your psychic abilities could open up a can of worms that you can’t control. You may be afraid that you’ll unleash something dangerous or evil if you tap into your intuition or use psychic tools such as tarot cards. That could block your intuition.

If this fear sounds familiar to you, one thing that might help is for you to say a prayer before engaging in any intuitive work. By asking for spiritual protection, you can rest assured that you will stay safe.

Fear of committing a sin

Some followers of different organized religions say using psychic tools and engaging in psychic ability is sinful. They may even say it’s satanic. If you grew up in a religious household or had a lot of formal religious training, you may subconsciously hold these beliefs. They may bubble to the surface in the form of resistance and keep you from taking an intuition class, for example, even if you’re interested. They may also make you feel guilty when you do get psychic messages. All of this can block your intuition further.

This is a pretty common fear. I’ve run across so many Christians who are drawn to metaphysics and psychic services, yet they feel like they are traitors to their religion.  Some people feel so bad that they turn away from the church they grew up in, altogether. To combat this fear, simply remind yourself every time the fear pops up that it is fear and not truth. 

Fear of what others will think of you

If you don’t have a circle of friends or family who are as interested in psychic phenomena as you are, you may try to hide your interest in order to appear to be like everyone else. In fact, for some people, sharing their interest in metaphysics and their fascination with topics such as intuition, crystals and manifesting can feel like coming out of the proverbial closet. 

If you come from a super-religious family, you may worry that they will disapprove of your interests. Some people may even put you down as being too ‘woo-woo’ because you have beliefs that they don’t understand. Psychic ability is a muscle that must be used if you want it to get stronger. By hiding it, you may inadvertently keep it from being the powerful force in your life that it could be.

Fear that you are crazy or something is wrong with you

I’m going to be real with you. I’ve had moments where I’ve gotten a psychic message and believed that I was making it up. Luckily I know so many other metaphysicians and people who have strengthened their psychic skills to know that those feelings are common. 

Also, depending upon how you get your psychic information, you may wonder if you’re having mental problems when psychic interactions take place. For example, if you are clairaudient, you, by definition, hear voices. (Learn more about clairaudience here.) Yet, how many times have you heard that hearing voices is a sign of mental illness. Reading books about psychic ability can help you become more comfortable with the process of having a spiritual awakening. One of my favorite books that explores blossoming psychic ability is Diary of a Psychic by Sonia Choquette. 

There are some people who may be experiencing signs of mental illness. For example, if you ever hear voices telling you to hurt yourself or others, reach out to a doctor as soon as possible.  

Fear of being wrong

It’s natural for us to want to be in control of our lives and to want to be right. When it comes to receiving and interpreting messages, there is typically uncertainty involved because the messages we get often describe situations that have not happened yet. One way to avoid feeling this uncertainty is to avoid using your psychic abilities altogether. It goes without saying that if you avoid your psychic abilities, you block your intuition.

Yet when we do this, we don’t strengthen our abilities. In fact, if we don’t use our psychic skills we can lose them. We can distract ourselves so much that we don’t notice intuitive hits, or when we do, we could be too afraid to follow them. 

 There is a place for fear in our lives. It can warn us of situations in which we must be careful. However, when you let fear rule your life and keep you from embracing your psychic gifts, you block your intuition and lose out on benefiting from one of your greatest assets.

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