Feng Shui for Healing: Using Feng Shui to Attract the Right Medical Team

Can you use Feng Shui for healing? I figured now is as good a time as any to find out.

Throughout my treatment process, I’ve been blessed to have really good, attentive, proactive doctors. I feel like they see me as a person, not as a faceless patient they have to tend to in order to get a paycheck. (If you’re wondering what I’m being treated for, see this blog post here.) I’m currently undergoing chemotherapy with the goal of getting to surgery. There is a possibility I may have to undergo radiation and my oncologist wanted me to meet with the radiologist early so everyone is on the same page if we have to go that route. The radiologist was knowledgeable, comforting and left me filled with hope.

Before I go any further, please note that this post does not offer medical advice. I am simply sharing my experience using metaphysical tools to aid in my healing process along with my treatment by medical doctors. I’m not saying my way should be your way. If you feel drawn to try some of the techniques I’ve used, go at it. But please see a doctor, as well.

So back to my great medical team. I used a Feng Shui technique to help me attract the right medical professionals. If you’re familiar with Feng Shui, you may know that a bagua is an energy map that breaks a space up into eight sections around a center point. If you lay a bagua over the floor plan of your house, you’ll see that different sections of your house correspond with certain areas of your life.

Feng Shui for healing

For example, the far left hand corner from the entrance is the money or wealth corner. In that area, I have a piece of the crystal citrine, which is known for attracting wealth. Likewise, the far right hand corner from the entrance is the area of relationships. I would focus on this area if I wanted to improve a relationship or start a new one.  

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Upon entering your home, the near right corner is the area of ‘helpful people.’ If you want to attract people into your life who can help you in some way, then you focus on practicing Feng Shui techniques in this room. 

When I learned that I had a health challenge, it was important to me that I attract the right medical team. I wanted to attract doctors that I liked and trusted, and who would benefit my higher good. I knew it was important that I trust my doctors. In fact, a study published in General Hospital Psychiatry found that lower levels of trust in one’s doctor led to more emotional stress and had physical repercussions too. I wanted to attract the right doctors, so I looked to the Universe to help me achieve that. So what did I do?

I wrote down on a piece of paper the qualities that I wanted in a medical team. I also wrote that I wanted to attract the medical professionals who could best aid in my healing. Then I folded this piece of paper up and put it in a pretty decorative box that sits in the area of helpful people in my house. I closed my eyes and said a prayer, asking the Universe to help in this endeavor. I thanked God in advance.

And I left it alone and stopped worrying about it. I have not been disappointed in my medical team yet. 

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