How to Recognize an Important Psychic Message

important psychic message

Sometimes an intuitive message can be fun to receive. Other times it can literally be a matter of life or death. While urgent, or important, psychic messages may not be the norm, your sixth sense is supposed to warn you of danger — and luckily it will do that. But you have to recognize, trust and respond to the message. 

An intuitive message warned me that something was physically wrong with my body. It urged me to see my doctor immediately, and when I did, I received a life-threatening diagnosis that needed immediate treatment. Had I not listened to that message, I might not be here today to write this blog post. 

While every bit of information you pick up on won’t be an important psychic message, it’s extremely helpful to be able to recognize the ones that are. Here are some signs that a psychic message is urgent. 

It’s repetitive 

When I needed to go to the doctor, I kept hearing the same words over and over again – “I can’t wait a week. I can’t wait a week.” Because that phrase kept sounding in my head, I couldn’t ignore it and I made an appointment to be seen immediately. If you keep getting the same message over and over again, take note of it. You might have the same dream over and over again. Or perhaps two different people repeat the same thing. In such an instance, the Universe is really trying to get your attention.

It stands out

Urgent messages are not your ordinary psychic message and they don’t look like them. Depending on how you receive psychic information, you’ll notice that an urgent message will stand out. If you are clairaudient, it might be louder than other messages. If you are clairvoyant, it might be brighter than other messages. If you are clairsentient, you might feel an overpowering emotion that is stronger than your usual message. Urgent messages are designed to get your immediate attention and make it difficult for you to ignore them.

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It evokes fear

Some people give fear a bad rap, but in reality it has a purpose. Fear is designed to get us to act, whether it’s to remove ourselves from a situation or to take an important action. Fear can be an intuitive sign that the matter at hand is important and action should be taken as soon as possible. If you feel fearful about a situation and get a psychic message about it, deal with the message sooner than later.

The message seems closer than usual

For someone clairaudient, the nearness of the voice or sound can indicate that something may be imminent, according to one of my favorite authors Cyndi Dale. In her book Raise Clairaudient Energy, Dale writes: The location of a voice or sound relative to you can be very revealing. Closer sounds or voices tend to be more intimate. They can also command immediate attention, making you pay attention to the message. 

You just know it’s important

Sometimes you just know in your gut that a particular message is more important than the average psychic message. You may wake up to a dream that you know isn’t your everyday dream. Trust that feeling. 

What to do when a psychic message is urgent

The actions you take depend upon the gravity of the situation. Your goal is to begin to use your psychic abilities regularly. You want to open up an ongoing conversation with your Spirit Guides and utilize your intuition for the big and small moments in life.

Know when to act

If the urgent message is about a clear and present danger, get ready to act. If there is an immediate and clear course of action, take it. For example, if you sense a threat, it’s important to trust your gut and take action. Luckily most psychic messages won’t be that immediate and they will give you an opportunity to consider what steps you will take next. 

Go into meditation 

If you’re unsure what to do next, it’s best to be still and wait for guidance. Meditation gives you the opportunity to do that. Be ready to move forward with any messages that you get through meditation.

Ask for clarification 

Psychic communication is a two-way street. You can ask for guidance when you want it. If you know a message is important but you are unsure what steps you should take next ask for a message that clearly lays out what you should do. You can even provide a timeframe, asking that your receive clarification in the next three days. Then be vigilant and look for the answer to your question. It could come through synchronicity, someone could say something that provides the direction you need, you could read a passage in a book, you could have a dream. Expect to get an answer and you will get it.

Here’s a caveat. When you get clarification, be ready to act on it. If the message is truly urgent, you will be given guidance about what to do next. 

Trust what you get

Again, information is only helpful if you use it. An urgent message is one that you are being called to act on. Your goal in developing your psychic abilities is not just to recognize and receive messages, but to trust them. Be confident in your ability to discern what to do and move boldly with the information that comes from your inner knowing. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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