How to Get More Messages From Your Spirit Guides

messages from Spirit Guides

When I first started to become comfortable with intuition, I would wait to get messages from Spirit Guides. Typically they would come out of the blue. I never knew when I was going to have a premonition or get a sense about something. I did not know how to tap into psychic information at will. While it was always a gratifying experience to get a message or psychic hit, there were so many times when I wished I could get some psychic insight into a situation but I dd not know how. In other words, my intuition scored pretty high on the cool factor, but it was not very practical. 

Thank God that has now changed. Today, I have conversations with my Spirit Guides. I ask questions; they send answers. I meditate and they give me instructions and suggestions. They tell me when I’m on the right track, they teach me lessons about life, and they sometimes give me a heads up on how a situation is going to turn out. 

But one of the key reasons my intuition has become more active is because I’ve taken it upon myself to engage it. I stopped waiting for messages to just pop out of the blue.  While I recognized that important and sometimes life-changing messages would often be revealed to me in this way, I was missing out on all of the day-to-day messages that could literally help me to better manage my life. Below are some of the processes I used to get comfortable communicating with my Spirit Guides, and in effect, receive more meaningful answers. 

I meditate with Amethyst

I have always loved collecting crystals, but I will admit I often had crystals lying around but I didn’t really engage with them. I knew that they could impact my vibration. I knew certain crystals could be used to help you achieve certain goals. In fact, I swear by my experience with Citrine. When I purchased a large piece of Citrine and placed it in the wealth corner of my home, my finances turned around dramatically in the following year.

One of my favorite crystals that I collected in the last couple of years is a large piece of Amethyst. This crystal is good for healing and also for spiritual endeavors. It’s also believed to stimulate the third eye, or our intuition. 

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spirit guide messages amethyst

I’ve always known that a regular meditation practice can enhance one’s intuition. I’ve experienced that first hand. When I’ve been good and consistent about meditating, I noticed that I would just know things before they happened. I’d also have more vivid prophetic dreams.

What I did this time is in addition to meditating, I would add some crystal magic into the mix. Each morning, I set the alarm on my phone for 20 to 30 minutes, during which time I meditate. However, while doing so, I hold onto my amethyst. Since I’ve started doing this, I’ve begun to receive messages during my meditation period. They’ve become more lengthy over time, and sometimes it’s as if I’m literally being instructed by my Spirit Guides about challenges I am experiencing in my life. 

I feel like the time spent each day with the crystal is valuable time spent enjoying the company of my Spirit Guides. If you want to experiment with amethyst, you might even try wearing an amethyst bracelet and see if you notice you become more tuned into messages.

I ask questions 

Nobody likes being on the end of a one-sided conversation. I’d imagine Spirit Guides feel the same way. Rather than simply waiting for messages and listening, I literally ask my Spirit Guides questions that I want the answers to.

And they don’t have to be big questions, such as what is the meaning of war? (But they will answer those questions too). They can be as simple as ‘How will I handle this huge unexpected medical bill?!?’ When I posed that question, I was very grateful to get a helpful solution that’s easier than what I would have come up with myself.  

The answers often come during my meditation with Amethyst, but they also come at other times and through other avenues. I typically get the most life-changing messages through dreams. Sometimes the answer comes in a miscellaneous email, or someone will tell me a random story that gives me the exact information I need. It rarely takes too long for the answer to come, and I’ve never asked a question and been left hanging indefinitely.

I express gratitude and ask for support

My relationship with my Spirit Guides is truly similar to relationships I have with family and friends. They have different personalities, and some have sense of humors. I’ve often watched events unfold so easily thanks to their guidance and I regularly tell them thank you and literally express how much they mean to me. 

You can’t tell me this hasn’t made a difference. I feel closer to them, comfortable around them and most importantly I trust them. I’ve seen the messages from Spirit Guides turn out to be right so many times that I no longer question what they say even when the circumstances in front of my eyes don’t yet line up with the reality they tell me exists. 

I also have noticed that the more I express my appreciation to them by telling them thank you for being a constant source of support, the more active they are in terms of sending me messages. 

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