How to Identify Your Psychic Symbols

psychic symbols

While a person who is clairaudient may literally hear their intuition speak to them using words, more often, you’ll likely receive psychic messages via symbols. But how do you know what the symbols mean? 

Your intuition speaks to you in a language made up of psychic symbols.  Just as you would learn how to speak a foreign language before moving abroad, you must learn to speak in psychic symbols if you want to know what your intuition is trying to tell you.  

However, there is no one language of symbols that is used universally. The psychic symbols your intuition and Spirit Guides use when sending messages to you are likely to be different from the symbols a friend or family member would see when they receive psychic messages. Everyone’s symbols are unique to them.

Sure, that might seem to complicate things, but in reality, it’s not difficult at all to figure out your own psychic symbol language.

How to discover your symbols and what they mean

There are a variety of different ways to identify your unique symbols.

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Some symbols naturally mean something to you 

For example, a song may prompt a memory of your mother so if the song pops into your head, that might be a psychic message that you need to check in with your mother.

Likewise, the color blue may invoke the feeling of sadness, so when you see the color blue in your head when a friend calls, that could be be a psychic message to you that the friend is sad. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when you see various symbols to see if an interpretation is automatic.  

If you just know something (a sign of claircognizance), don’t worry about how you know. Just accept that you know.

You can designate certain symbols to be used

Here’s one thing that surprises some people when it comes to intuition. You get to have a good deal of control over your psychic development. You can literally set the intention that a particular symbol be used in a certain way.  For example, you might want to see an apple in your mind’s eye when the answer to a question is ‘yes’ and an orange in your mind’s eye when the answer to a question is ‘no.’

Here’s how to do that:

  • Simply go into a room where you won’t be disturbed. 
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. 
  • Set the intention to see the apple in your mind’s eye when the answer to a question is ‘yes’ and the orange in your mind’s eye when the answer to a question is ‘no.’
  • Thank your Spirit Guides for helping you.

And that’s it. 

Then, when you have a yes or no question that you want a psychic answer to, ask the Universe to send you the symbol. 

You can track what happens after you note certain symbols 

Sometimes you’ll see symbols and will have no idea what they mean. For example, I once had a recurring dream about a kangaroo and didn’t know what it was trying to tell me for years. I later realized the kangaroo, who nurtured me in her pouch, was a symbol for my relationship with my mother.

The best way to figure out what a certain symbol is trying to tell you — particularly if it is recurring or appears multiple times — is to write down when you see it and just wait and be observant about what happens next in your life.

Are there patterns that occur whenever you see that symbol? Do you have financial setbacks whenever you see the symbol? Maybe you hear from someone from your past whenever the symbol turns up. By recording your observations, you may discover what that particular symbol is trying to tell you. 

You can use a symbol dictionary

This option may feel the most comfortable to those who are just beginning to explore their psychic ability. However, it’s probably my least favorite option because I think symbol dictionaries can stifle your intuition since you’re taking someone else’s word for what a symbol means. Allow the symbol dictionary to give you some suggestions, but always go with your gut for the final answer. Be mindful that you don’t allow any type of symbol dictionary to override your own intuition.

You can meditate on a symbol

Another way to discover the meaning of a symbol you often see is to go into meditation and ask what it means.  Once you are in a meditative state, ask for insight into the symbol and see what comes to mind.  If nothing comes to mind, try again another time.

Or you might do a variation of this exercise by asking before you go to sleep at night for guidance into what the symbol means.  You may have better luck getting an answer to your question by sleeping with a piece of amethyst under your pillow or next to your bedside. 

What to do once you have your psychic symbols

Write them down. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to forget things, particularly if some time passes before you see a certain symbol again. Get a notebook for keeping all of your symbols and build your own psychic symbol dictionary.

Regularly add to the list.  Coming up with psychic symbols is likely not a one-time thing. Your psychic symbol dictionary will grow over time. 

Some symbols may change. Just as you will come across new symbols, you may find that other symbols no longer have the same meanings for you. Psychic ability is not static. It can evolve. As you pay attention to your messages and watch what patterns arise when certain symbols show up, your understanding of your symbols will likely change over time. 

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