Signs Your Intuition is Trying to Warn You

intuition warning signsA couple of weeks ago, someone reached out to me about an opportunity. While the opportunity sounded good, I suddenly felt tired and wanted to take a nap. At first I thought I was just having a blah day, but then I noticed that it happened in subsequent days when I would consider the potential opportunity. Sometimes I’d feel tired suddenly even though I’d had energy moments before.

That’s when I realized that my body wasn’t tired. Rather, my intuition was giving me a warning. A big misconception that people have about intuition and psychic ability is that we’ll have this big insight or warning like a burning bush or a neon ‘No’ sign in our minds. The truth is, when our intuition gives us a warning, it’s usually a little more subtle.

We all make better decisions when we pay attention to our intuition’s warnings. (We let the right people in our lives, we avoid mistakes and we achieve our dreams more easily). Here are some of the common ways your intuition may be warning you to slow your roll.

Intuition warning signs

Feelings of sluggishness or heaviness. Intuition often makes itself felt physically. If you suddenly feel sluggish or heavy, ask yourself what happened before the feeling came upon you. Were you around a certain person? Were you considering taking a certain action? Sometimes intuition makes us feel sluggish so we SLOW DOWN and reconsider our next step.

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Procrastination. People often give procrastination a bad name. But sometimes, procrastinating can save you from doing something you will later regret. If you notice you’re procrastinating, ask yourself whether you’re doing so out of fear or because your heart is leading you in a different direction. Your intuition moves with your heart.

Suddenly feeling tired or sleepy. If you’re typically tired at a certain time or your body craves a daily nap, then feeling tired is normal. But if you’re sleepy at an unusual time and it doesn’t make sense (meaning you didn’t stay up late the night before), ask yourself if your intuition is telling you to take a time out rather than move forward.

Physical aches and pains. I’m no doctor so this web site is not purporting to give medical advice. If you’re not feeling well, check in with your physician. But pay attention to whether you experience physical aches and pains when there’s something that you intuitively don’t want to do. For many people, aches, tingles and other physical sensations occur when their intuition is trying to warn them. Ever felt a tingling down your spine? Bingo.

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Intuition shows up differently for everyone. The key is to pay attention to the clues of your own intuition so that you have an understanding of how it shows up for you. Keep a journal or log of your own personal intuition warning signs and symbols. Once you have that valuable insight, you can put it to use and make better decisions in your life. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.