Manifestation Stories: ‘How I Manifested My Dog’

With all the heaviness and anxiety in the world right now because of the coronavirus, it’s good to think about the positives and to remember the spiritual power we all possess. One of our greatest gifts is our ability to use the Law of Attraction to bring our desires into our life. Reviewing one or more manifestation stories can help us remember that.

If you’re not familiar with the Law of Attraction, consider this: The Universe is a powerful force and so are your mind and thoughts. The Universe will return in physical or spiritual form what you have thought about or asked of it. The more you think about something the more you draw it to you. Unfortunately, this doesn’t just apply to things you want. If you constantly think about things you don’t want, you can attract those things too.

The best manifestation stories show that the Law of Attraction works best when you believe something to be true even before you can physically see proof of it.

A friend of mine sent this story to me today about how she used the power of manifestation to connect with her new dog. Judging from the story, it sounds like her dog connected with her through her dreams. (Yes, pets can be our soulmates.) You can decide what you think:

I hope this story makes you smile. I really loved my dogs Joy and Yoshi and I had been missing them a lot lately.

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I vowed that if I ever got another dog it would have to be a blend of those two. So I activated my greatest superpower—my imagination! I dwelled in possibilities and had fun with the idea of a blended dog.

I took out old pictures of Joy and Yoshi and placed them around my house.

manifestation stories

Then one day I had a dream of a white dog licking my hand.

It felt so real that I went online looking for the dog and happened across Amina, an Akita that looks like a perfect blend of Joy and Yoshi! Amina’s owner released her in January and the dog had been in 4 different places since then. The stay at home ordinance prevented shelters from holding adoptions. But I kept the faith and got prepared—buying dog things and making space for her.

Well, it all worked in our favor because I was able to adopt Amina “outside”on April 7th—literally! I feel very lucky to have adopted two Akitas from shelters. If you know anything about this regal and rare breed you know that they are hardly ever, ever, ever found in shelters.

Already it’s been quite an adventure with this very typical, loving, stubborn, big and strong (95 pounds!), doing things on her own terms– did I say so very loving, Akita! may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.