Some psychics say Trump will be impeached. What does your intuition say?

Say what you will about politics, but we can all agree that the political climate is never boring. With scandal after scandal following Donald Trump, some are wondering whether he will be impeached. A number of psychics have gone on the record to say whether they think he will be impeached. However, your intuition is just as powerful as that of anyone else. Read on to see how to tap your own psychic ability.

Making a prediction about an event that is taking place publicly is a good way to see how your intuition works because you will be able to see the outcome of the situation and whether you were right about it. Follow these steps and then sit back and see if you were right.

Find a neutral place. When tapping your intuition to see whether Donald Trump will be impeached, it’s important that you don’t get political. If you’re a Trump supporter or a member of the Resistance, it may be more difficult for you to separate intuition from your desire. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it; it just means you may have to work harder. When you are feeling strongly about what happens to Trump, you are NOT in a good place to tap your intuition.

Meditation is one way to put yourself in a more neutral space. Definitely turn off the cable news before you try to make a prediction, and allow yourself to relax and get to a place where you are a little more objective.

Ask the right question. Intuition works best when you ask a question. What is it that you want to know? In your mind, ask yourself, Will Donald Trump be impeached? Then take a deep breath and be willing to be open for the signs.

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Look for the signs. Some people may receive an instant answer. You may get a flash of knowing. You may immediately hear the word ‘yes’ or ‘no.’  For others, intuition works differently. Some people get signs. You may be on your way to work and a song comes on the radio that makes you think of endings and situations resolving themselves. That may let you know that your intuition is saying ‘yes, impeachment is near.’ On the other hand, you may come across the title of a book that makes you think of someone overcoming major challenges to prevail. That could be your intuition saying that Trump will overcome the challenge.

Write down your impressions. Memory can be faulty. The best way to see the role your intuition has played over time is to write down your impressions and predictions. You may not only predict whether or not Trump will be impeached, but you may also intuitively pick up on details surrounding other political events. Be willing to go on the record. After all, noone has to see what you wrote except for you. You may be surprised to find that you intuited more than you thought. You may also find that you interpreted intuitive messages incorrectly. For example, you may believe he will be impeached, and then if he is not, you may realize that you got other details correct but simply jumped to the wrong conclusion.

The only way you’re going to strengthen your psychic ability is to use it. Instead of looking for everyone else’s predictions about a Donald Trump presidency, why not make your own? may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.


  • No, but he will be relieved of his duties and disgraced.

    He has handlers, if you will. In him, they have found the ultimate Manchurian Candidate. This comes across strong. He is a man embittered, and one quite without the capacity for self reflection. I keep getting waves, or spirals reversed, one inset upon the other, like Russian nesting dolls, but each one, a degree advanced, which reminds me of a clock ticking away seconds. Tragedy comes later, over the horizon. Sight unseen. This -his administration is preface, the prologue being written, and a contrived one at that. Again water, rising. But not necessarily global warming, not this early. Seems metaphorical. Appeals to mass ideation, an easy reference point. Something else is about. He steps down under threat, reputational and financial ruin. He is bemused by all that is known about him, leaves off silent – not so much humbled as bewildered. Threat of impeachment, maybe, but believe it is individual, possibly former employee who is coaxed to call him out. Humiliation is not ruin for Trump, but his act of good grace ceded him from relevance. Blue waves, what I get. He is submerged. Crashing waves, laughter applause. Personal, not professional malfeasance in office. Past -a canard in large part does him in late 2018- early 2019. Cover to occlude bigger issue, some other agenda. Keep seeing blue water, calm, for some time brief, following storm. He wins accolades for some foreign policy triumph just prior, this June +/- 2018. No great fan of the man, but shows how unwitting and gullible -and fickle – the public.

  • He’s toast! He’ll be tossed out of office… feeling gut feeling says YES he’ll be given the speech he doesn’t wanna hear. When it happens it will see alot of happy folks out there shouting “YES!!”

  • Lol. We will certainly see…

  • It will be interesting to see how your predictions pan out

  • I should note that this was the outcome of an approach using Controlled Remote Viewing, something I’ve been learning (trying to learn) for several years. It’s terribly difficult to evaluate one’s information, especially for targets “over the time horizon.” I lost my backup in a recent move (including how I framed the question in terms of tasking), but I recall that from inception (stage 1) through stage 4 (I aborted at this point) I kept getting reverse spiral patterns that suggested nautilus shell designs. I’m not sure if the overpowering feeling of being submerged was consequent to that. My view at the time was, of course, that this was energetic (metaphorical, if you will allow). To the point, I didn’t get anything abrupt as might suggest a Watergate … not even of a Monica Lewinsky. It’s like he unwinds, then fades out.

    When I conducted the session, I was coming off a few hits. However, I’m not satisfied with my effort here – it’s evident to me that my tasking (i.e. the way I posed the question to myself) was likely deficient (i.e. too abstract or open-ended). Even so, as soon as I started thinking back on it images started returning. Back to the drawing board. 🙂

    Should any of this come to pass, I’ll say for the record that I use a self-taught CRV protocol along the lines of that used previously by the military (Project Stargate) that ultimately derives from Ingo Swan, Hal Putoff and Russell Targ.

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