September’s New Moon in Virgo: Leveraging the Energy of Manifestation

New Moon in Virgo

New moon energy is always exciting to me because it’s about creation and manifestation. The new moon on September 9, 2018 stands out even more to me for two reasons. In the Northern Hemisphere, where I am, September ushers in a harvest energy and this September new moon is in the conscientious sign of Virgo.

I’ll be honest. I’m partial to Virgo energy because Virgo is my sun sign, but even taking an objective view, I have to give Virgo props. If you want to get something done, Virgo energy is your friend. Consider these Virgo traits: steadfastness, planning, meticulousness and attention to detail. Don’t you want THAT energy at your back as you are pushing toward your dreams?

When it comes to conducting new moon rituals, you want to consider the sign that the new moon falls under. Those are the conditions that are prime at that time. Those conditions will give your intentions an extra oomph. Those conditions are the ingredients in the soil that you’re planting your intentions in.

So what do we need to know about this September new moon in Virgo? Here are some things to consider.

What needs Improving?

Virgo energy is an energy of self-improvement. Give a Virgo a goal, and he or she will create a plan to get there. In what area of our life can you benefit from that type of energy? Virgos are masters at planning. Where do you want to go? Virgo can get you there. Perhaps you can benefit from setting up a system. Virgos are good for setting up routines. Is there a passion project or a job goal that you have? Anything that requires a plan ~ this is a good time to focus on it.

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Pay attention to health.

Virgo rules the sixth house in Astrology, which governs health. This new moon is a good time to look at your overall health and determine whether there are any improvements you can make. Have you been wanting to change your diet or start an exercise regimen? The new moon in Virgo would be a good time to get a plan together and put it in action.

How can you be of service?

Virgo also has an energy of service. How can you serve others? How can you serve the world? If you are a lightworker, how can you bring healing and light to the world? If you feel that you have a purpose that you’re not yet living, this new moon is a good time to step into that energy of service.

Watch out for taking perfectionism too far.

Every sign has its challenges. Virgos have a tendency to be perfectionists, which takes things to the extreme. A Virgo can be a workaholic or can find themselves never satisfied. While it’s good to have a plan to get things done, remember that there is wisdom in having life balance.

Where are you coming from?

When considering the new moon energy, it’s also important to consider where we’re coming from. Most recently we experienced the Full Moon in Pisces. During this time, you may have experienced a lot of emotion and reflection and soul-searching. Perhaps you even felt the desire to go within and isolate yourself, giving yourself time for yourself. The new moon in Virgo will take you back on an analytical turn so you may feel yourself having more energy in the days following the full moon.

A ritual for the new moon in Virgo

So how can you leverage the Virgo moon energy? The following ritual can help you to get into the spirit of it.
During the Virgo new moon, do a planning ritual.
A candle
A stick of incense

Light a candle and stick of your favorite incense. While the candle burns, write down a plan for achieving a certain goal that you would like to manifest. The plan should consist of daily steps you can take to move closer to your goal. You will put the plan into action until the next new moon. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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