Signs of a Psychic Connection With a Negative Entity

negative entity

One of the side effects to opening yourself up to psychic communication is that you can leave yourself vulnerable to some not-so-pleasant energetic influences. In fact, just like you may be able to have a conversation with someone who has crossed over if you are a medium, you may also be able to converse with an entity that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. In other words, you could find yourself with an open psychic connection with a negative entity.

Those who are just beginning to explore their psychic abilities are particularly vulnerable to this because they don’t tend to have strong energetic boundaries. For example, I remember a friend who was just starting to explore her medium abilities when she started being awakened every night by spirits that wanted to get her attention. It wasn’t until she learned how to close that energetic door, so to speak, that she finally was able to get some peace.

Signs a negative entity is around you

In the book, Raise Clairaudient Energy by author and intuitive Cyndi Dale, Dale teaches about developing the gift of clairaudience, or the hearing of psychic information. She describes how it’s possible to hear messages from negative entities just as it’s possible to hear messages from loved ones on the other side or even your spirit guides.

If you’re wondering why a negative entity would want to connect with you, understand that it’s not you, per se, in most cases. Most likely the entity simply wants to connect with an open channel, and you may be the most convenient one.

According to Dale, one of the best ways to identify a negative entity is to pay attention to how you feel during the psychic communication.

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  • For example, if you get a message and feel bad or uneasy while you’re receiving it, your body is telling you that the connection is not one that is healthy for you.
  • She also writes that a negative being may smell bad or make you feel like you’re dissassociating from your body.
  • You may also feel a heaviness around you or in your mind’s eye see dark or cloudy colors such as gray or dark brown.

The bottom line is that any time you feel uncomfortable while doing psychic work, that is an important message for you to slow down and possibly end that particular connection.

How to shut down the connection

If you find yourself communicating with an entity and it doesn’t feel good to you, it’s important to shut that connection down as soon as possible.

One way to this is to immediately set the intention that the connection be cut. It may help to visualize a shield coming from your crown chakra and surrounding you and separating you from all outside energy.

Some find it helpful to pray or call on those spiritual beings that you trust. For example, you might call on a spirit guide, an ancestor or Archangel Michael.

It may be easier to prevent unwanted psychic connections than to get rid of them. Consider reaching out to a gatekeeper — a type of spirit guide that helps to protect you — before doing psychic work. Just as the name implies, a gatekeeper can limit who or what can connect with you on a psychic level. If you want to work with a gatekeeper, go into prayer or meditation and ask your spirit guides to send you a gatekeeper to work with.

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