A Candle Magic Love Ritual for Valentine’s Day

love ritual

Whether you are completely committed, building on a connection or attracting your next relationship, Valentine’s Day has the power to get you all in your feelings. But the day associated with love can also be a day of clarifying your romantic intentions with the help of a candle, some essential oils and a strong desire.

The way I like to describe the power of essential oils is like this: Think about a time when you were with a large group of people. As you worked the room, you may have noticed that some people left you feeling good while others left you feeling depleted and drained (hello, energy vampire). The reason you felt different around the different people was because the energy of those different individuals had varying effects on your own energy.

People aren’t the only beings who have energy that can uplift us or deplete us. Plants also have energy that we can tap.   Essential oils are essences from plants that impart those energetic qualities. When we work with essential oils, we are consciously inviting the properties from those essences into our lives.

So back to love. A love ritual takes advantage of the qualities inherent in essential oils that promote attraction, fidelity, positive energy and other feel-good emotions.

To conduct this love ritual, you need:

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Carrier oils are important to working with essential oils because they dilute them. Essential oils should not be placed directly on the skin without dilution because some can be irritating.

The heart of the love ritual

Before you do anything, set your love intention. The more clear you are about what you want, the better any ritual will work. After all, rituals are methods of focusing our intention on our desires.

Mix your love blend together by using droppers to add the drops of Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange and Clary Sage to the Almond Oil. Once you have your blend, you’re ready to use it to dress your candle — or rub your oil blend on the candle.

If you want to bring something to you (like love, marriage or a committed relationship), put a drop of your oil blend in your hand and start from the top of the candle and rub your hand from the top to the middle of the candle. Then go to the bottom of the candle and rub upwards back to the middle. If you want to get rid of something in your life (such as lingering feelings for an ex), when you dress your candle, you start from the middle of the candle and rub your hand upwards. Then go back to the middle of the candle and rub your hand downward.

Once you’ve finished applying the oil blend to the candle, light the candle. Visualize the romantic life you wish to have as you watch the candle burn down.

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