When something doesn’t feel right in your relationship

Have you ever thought something doesn’t feel right in your relationship? Maybe you couldn’t quite put your finger on it but things were just off?

something doesn't feel rightOne of the greatest challenges when learning to work with your psychic ability is determining whether you’re picking up intuitive insights or you’re trapped in your own emotional stuff. In relationships, this can be particularly challenging. You’re moving forward in a relationship when you start to have feelings of anxiety, or you begin to feel like something is off. Are you really picking up on bad vibes surrounding the relationship or are you experiencing fears related to past experiences that didn’t go well in your life?

It’s not always easy to tell the difference. One of the best rules of thumb when it comes to psychic work: try to avoid leaning on your own psychic senses when you are emotionally attached to the outcome of a situation. If the situation is emotionally charged, this might be a good time to ask a friend to give you a psychic reading or even to go visit a professional.

There are some ways where you can try to distance yourself a little to see if you are feeling fears or getting intuitive guidance.

Is it Fear or Intuition?

One of the best things you can do is meditate. ¬†When you meditate, you detach from all of the thoughts and emotions that are swirling in your body. You relax, and your mind begins to clear. Once you slow your thoughts and clear your mind, bring the relationship to your mind. If, during meditation, you find yourself feeling anxious about the relationship, it might be a good time to slow things down and be cautious in the relationship. See if you get more signs that something is wrong. (The Universe is always supportive of your good and will continue to send you sign after sign after sign, until you get the message.) However, if the feelings of unease disappear when you bring the relationship to mind during the meditation, there’s a good chance that you are being impacted by your fears.

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Another way you can explore your feelings to see if it is fear or intuition is to pick a tarot card. Shuffle your cards and set the intention to pull a card that will provide some insight into the relationship. Then, pull the card. While you can certainly use a book to look up tarot card meanings, I always suggest coming up with your own meanings first. Often, the symbols will have certain meanings for you and those meanings might be contrary to what the book says. If you have to choose between a book and your own intuition, always choose your own intuition. A card may even change meanings; in one reading a card could bring certain images to your mind while in another reading, a card could bring a whole set of different images and have an entirely different meaning.

If the card you pick gives you feelings of dread, anxiety, loss or similar emotions, slow the relationship down and look for more signs. If the card gives you feelings of excitement, love, joy or other positive emotions, again, you are likely being impacted by fears.

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