Are Spirit Guides Assigned or Chosen?

Nobody wants to go through life alone, and thanks to your Spirit Guides you don’t have to. Your Spirit Guides are always in your corner and ready to help you in any way that they can. But how did your relationship with your Spirit Guides come to be? Did they choose you? Were they assigned to you or did you choose them?

Many believe that our Spirit Guides were assigned to us before we were born. However, I’ve also heard the theory that we choose our Spirit Guides and I’ve heard the theory that they choose us. Since we have multiple Spirit Guides, all of those could be true and the answer could vary based on which Spirit Guide it is.

If we do play a role in choosing our Spirit Guides, I believe it would have happened when we were between lives. We likely won’t remember it because only our higher selves would have the insight to know what Spirit Guide would be best for us. One thing that’s clear: The Spirit Guides that we have are not there by happenstance. They are the ideal Spirit Guides considering what we are choosing to experience in this lifetime.

Do Spirit Guides accompany us our entire lives?

While we have Spirit Guides from the moment we’re born, many of us don’t notice them until we are older, often when we experience something traumatic in our lives. The first time I realized I had a Spirit Guide, I was in college. I was away for the summer taking part in an internship and feeling very alone and disconnected from all of the people that I was accustomed to having in my life. My predominant feelings that summer were anxiety and loneliness. My Spirit Guide made me feel safer and more at ease.

I’ve had other Spirit Guides that worked with me in certain areas of my life. Some were only in my life temporarily. However, the first Spirit Guide I discovered was my primary guide and continues to be part of my life today.
If it’s really important for you to know whether one or more of your Spirit Guides was assigned to you or if you chose them, you can always ask the question of them. This post provides some insight into how to talk to your Spirit Guides and what questions to ask.

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Ask before you go into meditation and see what thoughts come up. Another suggestion: Ask before drifting off to sleep and pay attention to your dreams. Your Sprit Guides will always respond to you if you’re open and attentive to the signs you get. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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