Signs You Are a Channeler

Some psychics see visions. Others have psychic hearing and yet others sense things. However, channelers take psychic ability to another level as they literally allow information to come through them. Channeling is the process of allowing a non-physical entity to communicate through you. When someone channels, the entity literally speaks or writes through them. As wild as it sounds, the entity uses the host’s body in order to get.a message across.

There are a number of popular channelers in spiritual books. Abraham-Hicks and Seth and Jane Roberts are just two examples of channelers who have received spiritual information that benefits the masses.

While a channeler can seem larger than life, many people have the skill and you may be one of them. Here are some signs that you are a natural born channeler.

You lose track of time.

One thing that differentiates channelers from other types of psychics is that a channeler literally allows some other being to communicate through them. In doing so, that being takes over their body temporarily. It’s not unusual for a channeler to be oblivious to what’s happening while the channeling takes place so once the session is over, they may feel like they lost time. Some people say channeling feels more like they’re in a trance. They may be conscious of what’s going on but feel like they’re watching from a detached position. If you’ve felt spacey, you’ve lost track of time or you’ve felt yourself lose control as if you were in a trance, you may be a channeler.

You feel like someone is communicating through you.

Have you ever gotten up in front of a crowd and the words just seemed to flow from your lips? Maybe you didn’t even know how the information entered your head. You just knew that you instinctively always came up with the right thing to say, but the words didn’t seem to come fro your head.

This also happens frequently with artists. You may feel like the writing or painting that you do comes right through you without you thinking about it. Automatic writing is a form of channeling in which an entity literally takes control of your hand and guides you to write or type words that it wants to convey. Read this story to learn how to get psychic answers using automatic writing. You may even be surprised by what poured from you during that time. In fact, such information is often very profound.

You feel energized after a channeling session.

It may seem like channeling would take up a ton of energy, but in reality, a channeler is often energized by his or her work. You may feel more alert than usual or feel inspired having experienced the wisdom of the entity that came through you. It might be a good idea to avoid channeling too close to bedtime, as you may find that you have trouble going to sleep.

The insights you get prove to be very accurate.

One of the most amazing things about seeing someone channeling is to hear their impressions when they’re done. It’s not unusual for someone to be unaware of what’s going on while they’re channeling. However, many people are surprised to see that they accurately predicted something while they were in the trance-like state. The reason the information tends to be accurate is because it’s coming from a pure source of energy rather than a human who is prone to mistakes.

If you suspect that you are a channeler, consider recording what comes out of your mouth or whatever communication style you’re channeling through. That way you can see what’s happening and begin to get comfortable with the idea of bringing forth ideas from other realms. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.