What your procrastination could be trying to tell you

Someone recently approached me about doing business together. At first it seemed like a great idea, but in a matter of days, I noticed the enthusiasm wearing away quickly and unexpectedly. There was no logical reason for me to not do business with this person. In fact, it seemed like a great idea. Yet, I dragged my feet in responding to the person, and the idea of collaborating started to make me feel heavy and sluggish. I felt physically tired when I thought about it and I dreaded even communicating with this person. I finally gave in to my procrastination and thought, “if it’s not a ‘yes,’ then it has to be a ‘no.’ ”

I communicated my decision to the person, and let’s just say their response let me know right then and there that I had made the right decision. In fact, I realized that the dread and heaviness that I was feeling, as well as the procrastination, were all signs from my intuition that this wasn’t a collaboration that my higher self wanted me to go through with. I finally saw what my intuition had sensed all along.

Often times, procrastination gets a bad rap. While sometimes we procrastinate because we have a fear of something like success or completion, other times we hesitate because our intuition is trying to get our attention. Not sure of how to tell the difference?

Your hesitation is likely your psychic ability attempting to slow you down when:

  • Your hesitation or procrastination is an about-face or 360-degree turn from how you were feeling about the situation before.
  • Your hesitation or procrastination is accompanied by physical feelings of discomfort.
  • Your hesitation or procrastination is a one-time event rather than part of a pattern of procrastination.
  • You can’t put into words why you aren’t getting a certain task done.
  • Your hesitation or procrastination is related to another person.
  • The idea of saying ‘no’ to the experience fills you with relief.

The next time you are filled with an unexplainable feeling of procrastination or hesitation, ask your Spirit Guides or your Higher Self to give you a sign to let you know if your hesitation is really a warning for you to say ‘no.’ You may not ever understand why you had a bad feeling about the situation; the important thing is that you learn to trust all of the messages of your authentic self no matter how illogical it may be.

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