White Aura Meaning: What You Should Know

white aura meaning

Reading auras is one of the most helpful psychic skills you can have. When you can read auras, you can gain metaphysical insight into a person. If you come across someone with a completely white aura, or one that is predominantly white, understanding the white aura meaning can give you some hints about what you can expect from that person.

Every living being has an aura, which is an energy field that surrounds us. Our auras provide information about our spiritual well-being, and in some cases they can provide insight into our emotional and physical well-being too.

Some people just have a knack for reading colors. If you see colors around people, for example, you may be one of them.

The size and brightness of the aura can tell us a lot. For example, a large, bright aura might signify a more forceful personality than a small, weak one. Likewise, the color of an aura tells us something about it, as each color represents different qualities.

Just as your fingerprints provide information about your genetic identity, your aura provides key insights into your spiritual identity.

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However, auras don’t always stay the same. Your aura may change as your mood changes and it may also change to reflect spiritual growth such as if you are having a psychic awakening.

I had a friend who had her aura read by an aura camera at a holistic expo. At the time, the friend had recently fallen madly in love. Interestingly, her aura was predominantly red, which can indicate a strong connection to the physical world.

Qualities of someone with a white aura

If you happen upon someone with a white aura, chances are they have a strong sense of spirituality. Healers often have a lot of white in their auras, as do those who tend to want to do a lot of good for the world. Those with a white aura may also have a calming energy when you are around them.

Having a lot of white in your aura may also indicate that you are more concerned with spiritual matters than physical ones.

  • You may be extremely interested in the paranormal
  • Your psychic abilities may be particularly strong
  • You may have strong mediumship abilities

You may also have a difficult time relating to people and mundane matters. For example, you may be unable to keep a budget because you aren’t interested in material things.

Likewise, you may have a tough time doing the routine, day-to-day tasks that are necessary to run your household.

You may prefer, for example, to meditate, read spiritual books or contemplate the meaning of the Universe than clean your house or do the laundry.

White auras and angels

Another common belief about white auras is that a white aura could indicate that an angel or Spirit Guide is around you. Some psychics who can see auras claim that they’ve noted a white aura around someone who has received spiritual intervention.

Say a woman decides not to get on a plane that later crashes. That woman might have a white aura, meaning that a Spirit Guide was around her when she made that decision.

White auras may also be prevalent at the beginning and end of life. Infants may have white auras that speak to their innocence and purity. On the flip side, white auras may be prevalent among those who are preparing to cross over to the other side and are more focused on the spiritual realm they are going to than the earthly plane that they are getting ready to leave.

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